Are you looking for a weed scale? At Edabea we have the best selection of scales for any type of need and any type of product.

If you are a regular consumer of cannabis, for example, having a scale is a very good option to control the consumption of your weed or to check if the grams you have been sold are correct. As well as if you are a cannabis grower, you will also need to have a scale to keep track of your crops.

What characteristics should a scale for grass have?

  1. Pressure: this is the most important thing to take into account when choosing a scale. The one you choose must be able to measure a minimum pressure of 0.1g for large quantities and 0.01g for smaller ones.
  2. Weighing capacity: If what you want is a scale to measure what you consume, a measuring capacity of 100g is enough, but if you want to weigh larger quantities, opt for a scale that can measure between 200-500g.
  3. Quality: A scale has to be made of excellent material and properly calibrated for its measurements to be reliable. If you opt for cheap scales, the results are not usually as accurate, so the margin of error increases considerably. That is why at Edabea we advise you to invest a little more in a quality scale if you are looking for accurate results and think that it is an investment that will last for many years.

If you are looking for a quality scale that will guarantee you a high durability for weighing your herbs, seeds or crops, at Edabea we have the best! As we know that each customer has different needs and tastes, in our online shop we have a wide variety of scales for weighing herb with total confidence.

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