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Da Vinci 

  • 154,10 € 167,50 € -8%

    Functionality, portability and excellent vapour production; the DaVinci Vaporizer has it all. At about the size of a smartphone, the DaVinci is small enough to fit inside your pocket and can be used nearly anywhere. The DaVinci has raised the bar for portable vaporizers by implementing a number of unique features:

    154,10 € 167,50 € -8%
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  • 14,50 €

    Is the regular straw a little too short for you? Introducing "The Snorkel", a 20 centimetre flex-straw that will enhance your DaVinci Vaporizer experience.

    14,50 €
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  • 4,50 €

    Screens that fit your DaVinci perfectly. This Screen Pack contains 3 Large and 6 Small screens.

    4,50 €
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  • 7,50 €

    The DaVinci oil can is for your grinds and essential oils! Each DaVinci Vaporizer includes 2 oil cans, one empty for your grinds, the other with a high temperature swab inside to absorb your essential oils.

    7,50 €
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  • 17,50 €

    Don't let a low battery charge keep you from enjoying your favourite tobacco, botanicals and essential oils on the go. With this convenient car charger, you'll always be ready to vape! Can be used with the DaVinci and Ascent vaporizer.

    17,50 €
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  • 5,95 €

    Short sleeve shirts 100% cotton.

    5,95 €
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Da Vinci