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  • 348,00 €

    The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, best known for the Volcano, is the bigger brother to the Crafty.  The temperature is not bound to pre-configured settings and can be easily adjusted to your personal preference with a user-friendly LED display.

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  • 12,50 €

    Replace the Crafty or Mighty's stock plastic mouthpiece with a glass one, for a fresher, tastier experience.

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  • 39,50 €

    This bubbler is a breath of fresh air for the true vape fans. The water-cooled vapour prevents sore throats from high temperature vaping while giving a fantastic flavour.

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  • 4,50 €

    A set of five filling chamber tools for the Mighty and the Crafty portable vaporizers.

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  • 24,50 €

    Borosilicate glass water adapter suitable for the Crafty and Mighty vaporizer, allowing you to connect your vaporizer to any water pipe. The 14 mm water adapter is perfect for the glass vaporizer bubbler. The 18 mm piece is suitable for the VapeXhale HydraTubes and other larger water tools.

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  • 19,50 €

    Car adapter for charging the Mighty vaporizer batteries on the road.

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  • 49,00 €

    The Mighty cooling unit cools down the vapour in order to supply a full aromatic and pleasant flavour.

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  • 5,00 €

    This set contains four liquid pads made to fit the Mighty vaporizer. The stainless steel liquid pad was developed for the vaporization of liquids and oils. The stainless steel wire of the liquid pad provides the needed surface so that the aromas and fragrances can be vaporized efficiently.

    5,00 €
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  • 14,50 €

    The power adapter charges the batteries of the Mighty vaporizer.

    14,50 €
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  • 3,50 €

    Set of six screens for the Mighty vaporizer: four upper screens with regular mesh width and two lower screens with fine mesh width.

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  • 5,50 €

    Full set of replacement seal rings for the Mighty. Mouthpiece seal ring x 3 Base seal ring (small) x 3 Base seal ring (large) x 3 Filling chamber seal ring x 2

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  • 27,50 €

    The Mighty wear & tear set includes all the parts necessary to keep your vaporizer running smoothly. Contents Cooling unit Mouthpiece x 3 Liquid pad set Normal screen set Cleaning brush Filling chamber tool x 2

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