Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are considered by experts to be "the best way to smoke" as glass is the best material that preserves the flavour and temperature, providing a more enjoyable puff.  


Also, glass pipes are healthier according to Charley Goodman of Hole in the Sky, as glass is easier to keep clean, so you can be sure that with every puff you are not inhaling burnt smoke. 


Those who smoke high quality marijuana  generally prefer glass because the flavour is smoother, allowing you to enjoy the product more. It is true that you have to be careful with glass pipes and avoid breaking them, but the health benefits and the smooth and delicate taste are worth it. 


Glass pipes are clean and easy to use. They are different from bongs and glass waterpipes as they do not require water to filter and cool the smoke you inhale. 


What should a glass pipe have? 

There is so much variety in glass pipes that it is difficult to know which pipe is right for you. What you mainly need to know is that the pipe is functional, so the most important thing is the way it is made.  


Ideally you should choose a pipe with a strong handle, a mouthpiece that is comfortable and a large, deep bowl and of course it should be made of strong glass. 


Glass pipes made of borosilicate and the famous pyrex, are much more resistant to sudden changes in temperature than ordinary glass, as well as being an inert material that does not release any compounds when heated or in contact with acidic or alkaline products.  

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