Wooden Pipes

If you are looking for wooden smoking pipes, you should know that they can be made of different materials, most commonly briar, because depending on the type of wood, the smoking experience can be more exclusive. 


If you are a classic and stylish person, a wooden pipe is for you. Wooden pipes are not only the most famous in the industry, but they are also made with great attention to detail and have a unique and distinctive look.  


What wood are pipes made from? 

Wood extracted from the heather root is undoubtedly the most commonly used, its hardness providing excellent heat resistance. There are also other types of wood that can be used to make pipes, such as: 


1. cherry: a semi-hard wood, very fine grained and stable. Its only disadvantage is that it is not very durable. 


2. Pear: hard, fine-grained, straight-grained wood. It carves very well and offers a sweet dulness. 


3. Olive: a hard, heavy wood that can give off a specific taste that some people find unpleasant. 


4. petrified wood: wood that has been submerged in water for a long time, under conditions that have caused it to petrify. Their price is usually higher due to the difficult manufacturing process. 


Tips for choosing a wood pipe: 

- Make sure that the bowl and mouthpiece are a perfect fit and, if possible, that they do not match.  

- The bowl should be varnished, but not with a sealed varnish so that it does not peel over time.  

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