San Pedro cactus

The Cactus San Pedro comes from the Andes, and we can find it in several countries of South America as Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.
This famous cactus is grown in several parts of the world for being a particular specie, because it adapts to humid climates, withstands extreme temperatures and appreciates heavy rain. Natives from de American continent use the proprieties of this legendary cactus to perform shaman rituals.
Various cultures and civilizations keep using this cactus in rites to treat psychosomatic illnesses and jinxes (curses), among others. The witchdoctors have spent centuries executing all kinds of traditional rituals with the proprieties of San Pedro, with the purpose of doing a general, physical and psychological cleansing.
The name of this cactus, as most theories agree, it is the name of the Christian saint, due to the characteristics of this kind of plant. The effect is understood as moving into another world, in comparison with “opening the doors of heaven,” as it is done by Saint Peter, (San Pedro), therefore its name.
The presence of mescaline is the principal relevant ingredient of the cactus. The level of mescaline is of great importance, because it is used in different fields of medicine, as psychology and psychiatry, as in scientific investigations related to health.
The mescaline in cactus San Pedro acts as a sensorial stimulant, altering our conscience and taking us to parallel worlds, living different stages of conscience.
Depending on the dose, the effects can be very ambiguous (nauseas, deep sleep, hallucinations…). The effects may show one hour after its consumption and it may last up to ten hours. The effects are quite similar to peyote’s: alteration of conscience, hallucinations, euphoria… however, both of them, may take you on an unrewarding experience, a “bad trip”. The importance of cactus San Pedro is well known for its remarkable proprieties, as for its application in diverse rituals of ancient cultures and civilizations.
The millenary tradition of using San Pedro cactus has been rooted in the culture and history of humanity for centuries.
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Notes San Pedro Cactus:
The sale and possession of this cactus is legal in our country, if and when, its use is ornamental. The consumption as well as the traffic of mescaline for leisure is illegal.
Edabea is not responsible for the bad usage of any of the products sold in our website.

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