San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado
    San Pedro Crestado

    San Pedro Crestado

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    This curious cactus is a variety of the well-known San Pedro cactus, it is the crested variety. Its scientific name is Trichocereus pachanoi cristata (synonym: Echinopsis pachanoi "cristata"), although it is also known under the name of San Pedro Crestado, Monster Cactus, Brain Cactus.



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    Only one in a thousand Trichocereus pachanoi will grow into a crested mutation.


    The Trichocereus pachanoi cristata or Brain Cactus is an irregularly shaped cactus with a tendency to form ridges. It has few spines and these are usually very small.

    It tolerates periods of drought and on the contrary, an excess of irrigation can end up damaging the plant.


    Trichocereus pachanoi cristata can be grown in full sun and also in semi shade. It can also be grown indoors as long as they are well lit.


    Trichocereus pachanoi cristata can tolerate temperatures close to 0 ºC, but it is recommended to keep it above 5 ºC.


    Like any cactus, Trichocereus pachanoi cristata requires a fertile and well-drained substrate.


    Water once a week during hot seasons. During the rest of the year water once a month or suspend watering in case the ambient temperature is very low.

    The Brain Cactus does not tolerate waterlogging. Remove excess water that may remain in the pot plate.


    During spring and summer, it is advisable to fertilize the substrate of Trichocereus pachanoi cristata, especially if it is in a pot. Add diluted liquid cactus fertilizer to irrigation water every 30 days. During the winter the fertilizer must be suspended.


    Trichocereus pachanoi cristata is propagated by cuttings obtained by dividing any crest. Let the cut heal for at least 2 days in a cool, well-lit place, but protected from the sun and then proceed to plant it.
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