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The trufas of Psilocybe technically are not a mushroom, since it still does not have fructificado like mushroom alucinógena. The Psilocybe neither has a similar appearance to the one of a mushroom alucinógena. It seems  more to the muesli or to the breakfasts of cereals. The Psilocybe knows  also like trufa or stone filosofal.



This trufa alucinógena provides an intense trip, psicodélico, philosophical, happy and visual. The Psilocybe is a trufa alucinógena very good for which test the mushrooms for the first time, since it produces general welfare and the trip is easy to control in comparison with other psicodélicos. After taking these trufas alucinógenas, the majority of the time happens  laughing to guffaws. After between ten minutes and an hour will begin to notice the first effects, seeing and listening better things and more acutely. The person that eats the trufa notices a fast change in the perception of the common reality. This often comports to a good series of laughs. This cheerful prompt beginning trascends in garbled feelings. This is due to the fact that the reality seems so different that your mind can not comprise it. Satisfied the external confusion intensifies , the internal visions (better seen in a dark room) go back  clearer. The nature of the trip depends on the person that do it and of the state of spirit or of mind that have. So your experience could be quite different of what read here or listen of other people. The effects psicodélicos of the trufas Psilocybe can last until 6 hours. The effects psicodélicos and euphoric last some 3 hours; past said time, these effects are substituted by a colocón of other 3 hours.

The active substance of the stone filosofal is the psilocibina, a triptamina that is chemically similar to the human neurotransmitter DMT (dimetiltriptamina). The DMT is one of the psicodélicos visionarios stronger, that produces  abundantly in the nature (trees, grass, etc.) and spoils  easily by the enzymes dela MAO of the body, without leaving backwards toxic by-products. Although the body can bear the psilocibina quite well the mind can confuse in greater measure, by what the trufas have to take in some familiar surroundings and sure, preferably with a person sobria near.

 The best form to take them is with a cup of you without sugar neither honey. Add the trufas to the tea and leave reposar during 15 minutes. Past said time, the trufas alucinógenas go back  soft and the tea of trufas alucinógenas is smart to serve. Has to drink  slowly and chew the mushrooms of Psilocybe slowly. Taken of this form, the effects of the trufas appear to the cape of 15 - 45 minutes. This trufa of Psilocybe is a substance psicodélica (alucinógena) and contains psilocina and psilocibina.
This substance, once incorporated to the organism, modifies the affectivity, the relation with the surroundings and the behaviour. Depending on the dose, produce  phenomena psico-sensory turn signals. It provides a state of oneiric consciousness-visionario with a perception increased. Some of the effects can go from some hilarity, desinhibición or locuacidad: going through visual and auditory hallucinations; and a perception distorted of the reality, the time and the space. Also it can give attacks of panic, especially if it finds  in some especially hostile surroundings or stranger, since the increase of the perception is immoderate. The effects to physical level go through an increase of the corporal temperature, alterations gastrointestinales (especially nauseas or vomits), disorders perceptivos and loss of the balance.

5-10 grams for a soft trip
10-15 grams for a normal trip
15-20 grams for a powerful trip
Observation: has to begin  with a low dose (5 grams) of mushrooms alucinógenas to check his sensitivity.

The trufas  alucinógenas cool common like the Cubensis contain more than 90% of water and leave to be edible to the little time. These trufas of mushrooms alucinógenas only contain 60% of water roughly. This does that they are edible during some 2 - 3 weeks if they conserve  in the refrigerador. If they leave  out of the refrigerador in a hot room with dry air will dry  without requiring any special preparation and will be able to conserve several months.
It does not have to  use with pregnant women, elderly, people with depression or under medication, lower of 18 years, neither drive motorised vehicles, neither in combination with stimulating or alcohol.
The first time that use the trufas alucinogenas ensure you that somebody with more experience is near in case you need help, for example when you seat you patient or scared. It treats the trufas alucinógenas with respect, are alert of your surroundings and help to those that take them for the first time.



The trufa psilocybe Mexican is the trufa with minor contained of active elements. His main distinctive effect is the induction to the easy laugh and joy. Ideal for beginners.

The trufa psilocybe Tampanensis is more powerful that the trufa Mexican. His distinctive effect is his capacity to cause deep thoughts and welfare. Stable power. Ideal to be with the friends and amuse.

So much the trufa psilocybe Galindoi like the trufa psilocybe Atlantis are more powerful that Tampanensis, with a subidon longer but with waves less pronounced. To be in some calm place.

But powerful that the tampanensis and with greater quantity of psilocina.
Very powerful. They are very ?Of laughs?, with important corporal and visual effect. The experience with these trufas is used to to be mentally clean and without rayadas. To be in some calm and familiar place.



The trufas psilocybe Dragon are a variety but powerful of the psilocybe Atlantis.

A stair above the tampanensis, pajaritos, atlantis, galindoi and Mexican.



The trufas of psilocybe more powerful, with greater quantity of psilocibina. With the trufas psilocybe Hollandia 15 grs. They can equivaler to two doses.


 In Edabea have bet by the investigation and after months of hard work has achieved  a cepa very improved of psilocybe Atlantis.
Using technical of selection, with the density like referent and adding stress to the crop during the period of training of trufas, has achieved  produce fruits between a 10 and 25% more powerful. All estp thanks to our teacher Cultivador.