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Trufas Alucinogenas

    We are a company devoted to the trufas alucinogenas, all our products are of the highest quality to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our trufas alucinogenas have the suitable flavour and the quantity of active ingredient. With our years of experience in trufas alucinogenas; like atlantis, Mexican, tampanensis and pajaritos gather  in the Hollandia Psilocybe, a new type of triptruffle. The most important product of trufas alucinogenas is the Hollandia Psilocybe, have treated this trufa that has exactly the quantity of active substance to obtain the best experience. The sophisticated production of the trufa gives a guarantee of a product that can consume  with confidence. The main advantage is that the trufa alucinogenas are a natural product, and in the term of a day attain to disappear completely of the body and is not hurtful by no means neither neither adictiva. All ours trufas alucinogenas do  with the maximum cuidar to obtain the best available product. Each day work hard to attain trufas alucinogenas of the best quality. Our company is under the control of the government to guarantee that they fulfil  all the requirements. When you buys his trufas alucinogenas in our on-line shop guarantees him  the best quality in the world.

    The trufas alucinogenas are not technically mushrooms and do not seem  in at all to the magic funguses, but they are more near of muesli or cereals for the breakfast. In accordance with some excursionistas experienced, the trufas alucinogenas are one very good alternative to the magic funguses for the users that use it for the first time, because they give a good feeling in an easily controllable trip, in comparison with other psicodélicos. After taking these trufas alucinogenas, you will feel  pleasure and, in general will find you in a state of ecstasy of the mind. The effects psicodélicos of the trufas alucinogenas can last until 6 hours. The effects psicodélicos and euphoric will have a length of 3 hours, after these effects will do  place for an effect of other 3 hours. They are very different of mushrooms alucinógenas and also know of the best! These trufas alucinogenas are totally legal, since they are natural. It is worthwhile to signal that some chemical products like the psilocina and the psilocibina, are presents in these trufas alucinogenas, in this case are illegal in the majority of the countries.

    If it wishes to know more about the distinct varieties of trufas alucinogenas that offer in our on-line shop, of the offers and promotions that have visit our website with frequency. Incidentally if it wishes to contact with us it can do it from the following link of contact: