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Mitragyna speciosa

    Mitragyna speciosa Is a big tree in the native format of the family rubiáceas that grows to the sudeste Asian in the Indochina and of the regions florísticas of Malaysia. The leaf of the tree of mitragyna speciosa has used  traditionally by his medicinal properties and is known like the kratom. It was documented for the first time officially by the Dutch Pieter Korthals colonial botanist. It gave him  the name of mitragyna speciosa by the gender mitragyna Korthals because the stigmas in the first species resembled to examine the form of a mitre of bishop. It is botanically related with the Corynanthe, Cinchona and Uncaria and shares some similar biochemical characteristics. The trees of mitragyna speciosa generally grow until a height of 9 metres of height and 4.5 metres of width, although in the suitable conditions, some species of mitragyna speciosa can reach until the 12 metres of height. The cut is erecto and ramificado. The leaves of the tree of mitragyna speciosa are of a dark green colour of form oval acuminadas. The flowers are yellow and grow in pendants. This gender characterises  by a globular head and during the stage of floral button, the developing foils are surrounded and entirely covered by numerous bractéolas overlapped.

    The leaves of the mitragyna speciosa constantly fall and therefore they are remplazadas frequently. During the dry station of the year the fall of leaves is more abundant, and the new growth is more abundant during the rainy station. When it cultivates  out of his tropical natural habitat, the fall of the leaves of mitragyna speciosa produces  with temperatures colder, around the four degrees centígrados. The tree of mitragyna speciosa grows better in a wet floor, humid and fertile, with a half of exhibition to full sun, and an area protected of the strong winds. Although with frequency the mitragyna speciosa finds in the same areas, some places have an excess of trees of white veins, whereas others have an excess of trees red veins. The tree of mitragyna speciosa contains a lot of alkaloids, including mitragyna (once that thinks that is the primary active component), mitraphylline, and hydroxymitragynine (that at present it is the most likely candidate for the active chemical product main in the mitragyna speciosa). Although the hydroxymitragynine and mitragyna are estructuralmente related with triptaminas, yohimbina, his pharmacology is very different. Other active chemical products in the mitragyna speciosa include raubasina and some other alkaloids.

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