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Buy funguses alucinogenos

    Buy funguses alucinogenos can have a deep impact. In the first place, we do not plead for the consumption and buy funguses hallucinogens. This page provides data with informative ends so that it was sure of what treats and once to the so much decide to buy funguses alucinogenos. Has to take into account that consume and buy funguses hallucinogens is not  exento of dangers. You has to be conscious of the possible problems that can present before deciding  and buy funguses alucinogenos. They have  some councils of common sense to have in consideration before buying funguses alucinogenos. If you decides to buy funguses alucinogenos, take these councils. (1) it Begin with a low dose. Never it take more than 1 gram of funguses alucinogenos dry. It expect 90 minutes. If you feels  well and wants to intensify the experience can take a bit more. (2) Ensure that there is not at all in his head during the next 24 hours. Without work, the school, neither visit of friends or familiar, there is not cuidar of the boys or animals of company, simply does not have to have at all, has to have the mind cleared and clear. (3) Ensure to travel in an environment relaxed. The busy environments with a pile of people and the noise can cause one overloads of information. It chooses some surroundings where can not be bothered by people that do not participate in the experience. It chooses a calm place, natural, preferably in the rural zones, where can enjoy  of the wonders of the nature. It choose a place that is familiar for you, a place that know and where seat you save. (4) Ensure to travel with people that know and of confidence. Preferably it has to have somebody near that it is not involved in the experience.

    When buying funguses alucinogenos has to  to exclude:

    - Never it take mushrooms alucinógenas when they have  doubts about them.
    - Never it take funguses alucinogenos when you has mental problems.
    - Never it take the magic funguses, when you feels  depressed.
    - Never it take funguses alucinogenos, when you has a tendency to the paranoia.
    - Never it take mushrooms alucinógenas during the pregnancy.
    - Never it take magic funguses when you are alone.
    - Never it take mushrooms alucinógenas when  him recipe, the use of drugs, especially when it has  psicofármacos recetados or inhibidores.
    - Never it drive under the effects of the funguses alucinogenos.
    - Not using the funguses alucinogenos like drug of party (like the alcohol or XTC).

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