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Funguses alucinogenos crop

    The funguses alucinogenos, is the commonly given name to the funguses psicoactivos, that contains hallucinogens, the majority of compounds of the funguses alucinogenos crop are the psilocibina and the psilocina common. In low doses the funguses hallucinogens cultivate, have like main effects distortions perceptuales and alterations of the thought or of the state of spirit, with the presence of a consciousness lúcida and minimum effects on the memory and the orientation. In spite of his name, the use of the funguses alucinogenos rare crop time results in true hallucinations. The hallucinogens are a chemically diverse class. The grouping of the hallucinogens in base to his chemical structure includes, but does not limit  to three main classes: indolealquilaminas or triptaminas (for example, the LSD, psilocibina and the psilocina), the fenetilaminas , between them the mescalina and the metilendioximetanfetamina ( MDMA ), and the cannabinoides. The funguses alucinogenos crop, find  available in shape cool, treated and conserved (for example, knowingly, dry, baked, frozen) or dry dusts, already even in forms of capsules. The funguses that contain psilocibina and the psilocina belong mainly to the genders Psilocybe , Panaeolus and Copelandia and to a number is upper to 50 species.

    The majority of the funguses that contain psilocibina are small funguses of brown or brown colour clear. In the nature, these funguses alucinogenos crop confuse  easily with any number of mushrooms no psicoactivos, no edible or poisonous. This does that it was difficult, and potentially dangerous, to identify. Due to the fact that it is difficult to distinguish the species of funguses alucinogenos crop, form part of the morphological observation of the wild that contain psilocibina, the mushrooms also can be easily ingeridas accidentally. The funguses alucinogenos crop  asemejan to the common shops of mushrooms Agaricus bisporus, although the meat of Psilocybe are characteristic mushrooms goes back  blue or green when they crush  or cut . A method of identification based in a genetic approach has developed . To the different species of funguses alucinogenos crop, the amanita muscaria (fly agaric), produces a state of delirio, that also includes hallucinations, but his primary active agents are muscimol and sour iboténico. The recreational doses of funguses alucinogenos crop go from 1-5 grams of dry mushrooms, depending on the strength of the species and individual of the copies. The doses for the funguses alucinogenos cool crop will be of roughly 10 higher times (10-50 grams).

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