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Mushrooms Alucinogenas

    The use of the foods, as well as the medicine is very rooted in the majority of the cultures from the beginning of the humanity. With little work and resistance, can cultivate  mushrooms alucinogenas in his garden. The mushrooms alucinogenas medicinal or funguses decorativamente luminescent, a fungus that always calls the attention. To obtain more information about the technicians of crop of mushrooms alucinogenas, visit our website with greater frequency. Generally the mushrooms alucinogenas take  oralmente, the main component the psilocibina finds  in the dry or cool mushrooms or in dust in capsules. Sometimes it elaborates  in a tea. The typical doses of mushrooms alucinogenas oscillate between 4 to 10 milligrammes, but are difficult to control because of the active quantity of hallucinogens in the funguses that differ widely according to the gender, the strength and the condition of the mushrooms alucinogenas. The mushrooms alucinogenas have taken  in the religious rituals in the native cultures in Mexico and Central America during thousands of years. The users of mushrooms alucinogenas recreational of today take them like a hallucinogen that considers  softer and more natural. The consumers of mushrooms alucinogenas inform of feelings of slight euphoria and cosquilleo like physical feelings. Also they say that with the mushrooms alucinógenas gives him a greater sensitivity to the music and the visual feelings.

    The small doses of mushrooms alucinogenas (of 4 to 8 mg.) They produce effects inside half hour, that continue during 4 to 5 hours and can include the physical and mental relaxation, cansancio, feeling of separation of the surroundings, feeling of pesadez physical and ligereza, changes of humour and of perception distort. The errors in the identification is one of the greater dangers of the taking of mushrooms alucinogenas. It is difficult to know if the mushrooms alucinogenas are funguses of psilocibina, because the poisonous mushrooms also can cause effects hallucinogens. The signals that the mushrooms alucinogenas are toxic include stomach aches, vomits and diarrhoea. The mushrooms alucinógenas poisonous can even drive to the death. Also it is difficult to determine which gender of mushrooms alucinogenas and funguses that has, as well as the dose of active hallucinogen contains each mushroom. To reduce the risk of a dangerous experience, is safer to take a small quantity of mushrooms alucinogenas and expect the effects that felt . The negative signs to consume mushrooms alucinógenas are the anxiety, the garbled thought, disordered and panic.

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