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Extract of sage divinorum

    Some time has tried to do his own extract of sage divinorum in the home? We present him a guide that will guarantee an extract of sage divinorum finished of quality. The extract of sage divinorum do  roughly in 10 g of form no standardised. The first for doing for the extract of sage divinorum, is to weigh 100 g of sage divinorum leaves. It withdraw 10 g of the best leaves of his hide and put to a side for more advance. The remaining 90g stops will be powdered in a grinder. Now it has 90 g of dust of the leaf, achieves it in his casserole and pour the sufficiently solvent to cover comfortably the leaf grinded. It boil during 5 minutes and afterwards leave that repose during 8 hours or less. After this time, now can  pour with care the liquid. Afterwards it has near of 16 hours for juguetear with the thumbs, look a bit of dry painting, or what you apetezca. During this time, not even think in touching his extraction, and ensure that it is in a dark place. The purpose of this step is to leave that any sediment fall out of the leaf, as they are difficult to extract more advance.

    Afterwards the best and safer method is the evaporation of the dissolvent in the darkness, in absence of heat. It remember, the dissolvent is flammable, by what the application of heat to that it has to be avoided. When the evaporation is complete, has to remain with a load of black dirt in the interior of his container. This is the measure of the majority of the people in his extractions and reason whereby the final result is a black sticky mass. When his black dirt is entirely dry, can  raspar the container and place it in a high and narrow container. To this, add 50 ml or less than nafta. The nafta dissolves the green or black waxes, leaving the salvirona. After the last wash of nafta, withdraw the two third parts for the last time and this time, allow that the nafta evaporate , leaving relatively pure the salvinorina. Now we have the salvinorina from 90 g of leaves, afterwards go to add again to the 10 g of leaves that leave, adds  the same quantity of dissolvent that used  previously. The product finished is of roughly 10 g of leaves of an extract of sage divinorum of high purity and quality.

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