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Mushroom Grow Kit 100 % mycelium

What do you need?

  • Mushroom Grow Kit 100 % mycelium (Grow box with 1.200 ml of fully colonized mycelium substrate, grow or filter bag and two paperclips).
  • Mineral water.
  • Spray bottle.
  • A place with indirect natural light or white light lamps (Do not expose your kit to direct sunlight).
  • The ideal temperature is between 23 ºC y 25 ºC (althought mushrooms can grow between 20 ºC and 26 ºC).
  • Hygiene and patience.

Kit micelio

Step by step

Do not immerse the grow kit in water or do anything with it, kits are already prepared.

Important: When handling the grow kit always wash your hands, nails and arms or use sterile gloves. Do not ever breath right on top of the substrate, the bag or the greenhouse. Mold is everywhere and you don’t want to lose your harvest because of an evil intruder. Green mold will ruin the whole kit.

  1. Take the grow kit (grow box+bag+paperclips) out of the box.
  2. Remove the lid of the grow kit, rinse the lid under running water, and keep it (you will need it later).
  3. Line the sides of the grow box (which contains the substrate) with aluminum foil or tape, so that the mushrooms do not grow on the sides but upwards, seeking the light. Place the box with the substrate inside the grow bag. Make sure it is placed straight and with the opening facing up. It is because of the box that a microclimate is created.
  4. Close the grow bag.
  5. Place the whole kit in a location with indirect sunlight. Never place the grow kit in direct sunlight.
  6. Place the grow kit in a warm spot. The ideal temperature is between 23 ºC y 25 ºC, althought mushrooms can grow well between 20 ºC and 26 ºC. Albino strains need a mínimum temperature of 25 ºC or 26 ºC to grow.
  7. Mushrooms contain an important quantity of water (freshly harvested mushrooms are 90 % water), so we have to moisten them. A spray bottle with mineral water will allow us to easily increase the level of humidity and, while you spray it against the inside of the bag, fan air over the grow kit with a piece of a paperboard or a cardboard for air renewal daily. Once the first pinheads appear, it is important to reduce the level of humidity and to increase the ventilation. While, in the beginning, we must provide a humidity close to 100 %; once the pinheads appear, we can lower it slightly, around 90 %, to descend a little more, around 85 %, when the mushrooms are growing and until the harvest time. Ventilate more as the crop progresses, specially when mushrooms are growing.

Important: Do not spray water directly on the mycelium or the mushrooms.

Process of fructification

These grow kits are exceptionally fast and first pinheads pop out between the next 5 and 16 days after the beginning of the process. Too low or too high temperature will delay the whole process and it could take four weeks to develop. Since we see the first hats, it will be about a week until the harvest.

Comienzo de la fructificación


Again, work as sterile as posible. Always wash your hands, nails and arms before the harvest. Be careful, use soap, antiseptic gel and sterile gloves to prevent contamination.

The best time to harvest the mushrooms is one second after the first veils slightly break. Pick them by their lower part (closer to the substrate) and, while twisting, pull the fruit upwards gently until you remove it. Do not pull without twisting, you will damage the mycelium and you will delay the next harvest. Treat these heavenly ambassadors with respect.

It is important to collect the mushrooms before their veils break completely and spread their spores. Each mushroom produces vast quantities of spores and spores produce gas that can hinder new substrate’s fructifications.

After the harvest, the mushrooms stems are likely to have a bluish hue, the first symptom of psilocin oxidation, evidence of the great power hidden in the Flesh of the Gods.

New harvest or flushes

But wait! These grow kits produce several mushrooms harvest. After the first harvest the substrate isn’t depleted yet, it just needs a cold shock. To do so, fill the grow kit with cold mineral water. It breaths new life into the mycelium. Place the substrate inside the kit and close it with the lid that you kept. Let it rest in water for 12 hours and open a corner of the lid to drain the excess of water. Let it drip for ten seconds and you can start again. Place the box in the bag, spray water daily, ventilate…and until the next harvest; and again and again until the substrate is depleted.


Edabea’s mushroom grow kits are guaranteed, as far as you follow the recommended instructions of use. Start the process as soon as you get your Mushroom Grow Kit 100 % mycelium and follow the intructions previously detailed.

If you have some troubles, contact us before you start handling and touching the substrate. Send us some pictures of the process and about your current situation to: contacto@edabea.com.