Small guide for the care of Peyote and San Pedro cacti:


We only water the Peyote cacti and the San Pedro cacti during the main growth phase, from March to September, you can start a little earlier and finish a little later, it all depends on the weather. We are used to watering them every 2 or 3 weeks, we water the cacti by immersion, that is, we place the cacti in "a bathtub" to which we add the water, we put the cacti in and let them catch the water from below, in this way the cacti only take the water they really need, we leave them in the water between 10 and 15 minutes, until the soil has moistened.

The frequency of irrigation depends on the circumstances in which the cactus is found, in a warmer climate irrigation should be more frequent than in a more temperate climate. You have to water the cacti when the substrate is dry, you can check it by touching the soil with your fingers or using a moisture meter.

The first watering of the season should be moderate, they are coming out of hibernation and you have to let them adapt little by little. At the end of the season we will also reduce the irrigation little by little until it is completely suspended, this is done so that they get used to the new situation.

Cacti are 90% water, they know how to save it very well, it is preferable to skip watering than to do it in excess, we could cause rotting of the roots and the certain death of the cactus.

You have to do the watering first or last thing in the afternoon, better first thing, it is not convenient to water them and put them in the sun, or water them if they are very hot.


You have to use a cactus fertilizer, for example this cactus fertilizer, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Never pay in the first watering of the season and stop doing it 2 or 3 waterings before they go into hibernation.


If we are going to have the cactus inside the house, the ideal is that it is next to a window, facing south if possible, if we put it next to a window facing north, it is likely that the cactus will receive little light.

Although they love the heat, you should try to avoid the direct midday sun and above all try to avoid the midday sun through a glass, it can have a magnifying effect and burn the cacti.

If they are going to be in the street, we will look for a location with shade or sun and shade. In their natural state, peyote cacti are usually behind the protection of small bushes or rocks.

The San Pedros withstand direct sun better

If you have a balcony facing south, you can put a garden mesh so that they receive the “filtered” sun.


There are many recipes for cactus substrate, we used one that they are very happy with:

5 Parts of substrate for cacti.

2 parts plant sand

1 part washed coarse-grained aquarium gravel

1 handful of coconut fiber

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