Kleaner Cleaning Spray
    Kleaner Cleaning Spray
    Kleaner Cleaning Spray
    Kleaner Cleaning Spray

    Kleaner Cleaning Spray

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    Kleaner Spray Toxins Cleaner is an oral cleanser that hides toxins and will prevent us from testing positive for saliva drug controls.

    Available in 2 sizes: 100 ml and 30 ml.


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    How to use the Kleaner toxin mouth cleaner?

    Introduce 4 to 5ml in the mouth (two sprays), making a good rinse of all areas before riding in the car.
    It takes effect immediately for at least an hour.
    In case of eminent control, taking a copious amount and keeping it in the mouth as long as possible before ingesting it completely, can give a false positive in the first test, but in the second, at 10min, we will no longer give positive.
    In drug or narcotic controls you can test positive without having recently consumed any substance, even after many hours, so safety, for example in driving, is not affected. Even so, the test results can be positive, the Kleaner is a good solution for these cases.

    Remember, this does not take away your high, do not put the rest of the drivers at risk!

    Ingredients: Water, denatured alcohol, Neem extract (Melia Azadirachta), Xanthan gum.

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