Grinder Aluminum 40 mm 4 Parts

    Grinder Aluminum 40 mm 4 Parts

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    40mm grinder with pollinator in 4 removableparts. This marijuana grinder made of aluminum has a pollinator, a sieved mesh to recover quife* that would otherwise be lost.

    This grinder is 40mm in diameter and is designed to be taken everywhere. The aluminum body is sturdy, lightweight and water resistant.

    *The color may differ from the photo.

    • blue
    • Green
    • Black
    • Red


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    Grinders allow you to grind marijuana buds without breaking the trichomes with your hands, keeping all their potential intact.

    The quife, "kief" or "skuff" is the cannabis trichome that is collected in containers, grinders, or collected with a specific screen. It is sometimes called pollen or crystal. Quife contains a higher concentration of psychoactive components compared to other preparations made from cannabis buds.

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