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Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Palo Santo Essential Oil 10 ml bottle.
Our Palo Santo essential oil is the purest expression of Palo Santo. This Palo Santo essential oil is steam-distilled from cultivated and sustainably sourced native Ecuadorian Palo Santo trees. This Palo Santo essential oil is the purest way to bring the radiant fragrance of the Palo Santo tree into your home.

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Traditional use of Palo Santo:

Palo Santo is the wood of a tree that belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh. The use of Palo Santo is traditional in South America. The word Palo Santo translates in Spanish as “holy wood”.  According to the local customs, it is used against the “mala energia” (bad energy) or “Palo Santo to clean your house of bad energy, Palo Santo for good luck”.

Palo Santo is also used in Ayahuasca ceremonies for centuries as a remedy for purifying and cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits during a ceremony. The smoke of Palo Santo creates an overall peaceful atmosphere full of harmony.

How To Use Palo Santo Essential Oil:

This Palo Santo essential oils can be used in a variety of ways: use in a diffuser to create an aromatic experience (our essential oil can be used in all types of diffusers), add a few drops in your bath or shower, on your clothes or mix a few drops of Palo Santo essential oil to unscented lotions, hair products, organic almond or jojoba oil for an all-natural fragrance and moisturizer.

Key Benefits of Palo Santo Essential Oil:

The Palo Santo tree is rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol; making this a cousin to Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s these chemicals that make Palo Santo such a powerful essential oil when it comes to helping ease discomfort and tenderness. Therapeutic benefits are:

    Excellent for meditation, it can help banish negative thoughts and be very grounding.
    Promotes a calming atmosphere and helps alleviate worry.
    Eases muscle and joint discomfort.
    Helps promote a healthy respiratory system while stimulating the immune system.

Fragrance:  a deep enjoyable wooden aroma with a pleasant warm but sweet touch
Properties: The fragrance of Palo Santo works peaceful on atmosphere and mind, clears negativity, stimulates happiness
About Our Essential Oils:

Our essential oils are all-natural, clean and authentic essential oils. 100% steam-distilled and free of toxic or artificial chemicals. Made in Ecuador from sustainably sourced trees.

    100% Plant-Based

Latin name: Bursera graveolens
Also know as: Sacred Wood, Holy wood, St. Anthony`s wood, Palosanto, Mallka Waki, vera, ibiocaí
Origin: Ecuador

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