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Kit Burma 100x100 mycelium
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Kit Burma 100x100 mycelium

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Mushroom culture kit psilocybe cubensis Burma 100x100 mycelium.

The psilocybe cubensis Burma strain was introduced to John Allen by a Thai student, who collected the sample from buffalo dung near Rangoon city. The cubensis Burma is tremendously potent and can grow in various sizes, from small to quite large. The caps are different shades of brown; lighter at the edge, darker at the top. The mycelium grows quite aggressively.

Do not immerse in water before setting to fruit.



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Burma Cubensis mushrooms have a fascinating origin, with the original specimen collected from buffalo dung in an unplanted rice field near the city of Yangon, Burma (now Myanmar). This unique strain was provided through Mushroom John as a gift from a Thai student who was engaged in collecting mushroom samples around Yangon.

Climate and morphology:

Typical of a subtropical climate, Burma Cubensis mushrooms exhibit remarkable characteristics. Their caps vary in diameter from 25 to 65 mm and take on shapes ranging from convex to broadly convex and flat at maturity. Initially, they are a reddish cinnamon-brown that matures to golden and light yellow tones. The stem, which is 125-200 mm long, is yellowish in colour and develops a persistent membranous ring that becomes covered with purple-brown spores at maturity.

Culture and traditional use:

Burma, a country steeped in culture, has used mushrooms in death cults for centuries. However, in countries where cultivation is legal, it is strongly recommended to have a chaperone when studying this strain due to its psychedelic potential and unpredictable effects.

Aggressive growth:

The Burma strain is characterised by rapid and vigorous growth. Mushrooms colonise rapidly from spores, resulting in medium to large sized mushrooms with caps of various shades of brown.

Psychedelic potential and user experiences:

Users report profound and transformative psychedelic experiences with Burma Cubensis mushrooms, including intense sensory disturbances, heightened introspection and intense visual hallucinations. These mushrooms can provide a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.

Dosage and environmental considerations:

Although the Burma strain is known to be potent, experiences can vary depending on the dosage, environment and mental disposition of the user. Therefore, caution and respect for these powerful psychedelics is advised, as well as the presence of an experienced companion in the case of more intense trips.

Respect and awareness:

When embarking on the Burma Cubensis mushroom experience, it is essential to maintain a sense of respect and awareness towards these powerful substances and their impact on the human mind and body. Education, caution and care are fundamental to the safe and responsible use of psychedelic mushrooms.

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