Truffles Psilocybe Vikingo 15 grs.

    Truffles Psilocybe Vikingo 15 grs.

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    Psilocybe Vikingo truffles is a new type of hallucinogenic truffle. According to its producers, it is the hallucinogenic truffle with the highest amount of psilocybin.

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    Psilocybe Vikingo truffle is a new type of much stronger magic truffle. Psilocybe Vikingo truffle is the best and strongest magic truffle.

    Why is the psilocybe Vikingo truffle so special?

    Psilocybe Vikingo truffles are grown by the most famous and reputable psilocybe farmer in the Netherlands. After several years of hard work, they have managed to develop a new type of psilocybe; Psilocybe Vikingo truffles.

    How do you make the Psilocybe Vikingo Truffle so potent?

    Well, something that he does not want to reveal, but broadly what counts is that he makes the Psilocybe Vikingo truffle much more powerful than other truffles by growing it in another substrate and letting it grow for much longer, resulting in a bigger and more powerful magic truffle.

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