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Hallucinogenic truffles 4 x 3

Truffles Psilocybe Mexicana 4x3

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4 packages of fresh hallucinogenic truffles psilocybe mexicana at the price of 3. 60 grams of truffles.

11.18 euros per pack of 15 grams.

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Product Description

With the Psilocybe Mexicana you’ll get a nice euphoric trip with feelings of happiness. When you’re planning on having a great night with your friends, you should absolutely try this truffle. This truffle is also perfect for the beginner. Some of these truffles and the party can begin. Let the experience surprise you!

These truffles are from Mexico (Oaxaca). In 1958 it was discovered by mycologist R. Gordon Wasson. Albert Hofmann later studied the truffle and he found a way to grow. This truffle has the mildest effect of truffles in our range. The main effects are mild euphoric, cheerful mood and a sharpened perception. The active substance is the same as other truffle species, psilocybin.

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