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    Absinthe kit
    Absinthe kit
    Absinthe kit

    Absinthe kit

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    Absinthe Kit
    A professional package to prepare your own absinthe. The absinthe will taste the same as the original drink from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Just add vodka or liquor.

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    The package contains:
    The typical mixture of herbs and spices that make up absinthe.
    All herbs are shipped in separate sacks in a box

    Absinthe contains several psychoactive substances, of which thujone is the strongest. Not much is known about the hallucinogenic properties of absinthe and thujone, but thujone may accumulate in the body, making regular use more toxic.
    Other ingredients in absinthe also have psychoactive properties, such as angelica, coriander, calamus and nutmeg, for example. But it seems unlikely that absinthe contains enough of these ingredients to be hallucinogens.
    Today, we can only conclude that it must be the mixture of a high percentage of alcohol with thujone that causes the psychoactive effects.

    Ways of use:
    The ingredients of the absinthe kit are for 1 liter of homemade absinthe. This means that the concentration of thujone will be higher if you use a 0.5 liter bottle. In this case the absinthe will be stronger, and the typically bitter taste of thujone will also be more dominant.
    These ingredients are currently not allowed to be added to commercial absinthes, so if you want to enjoy the authentic recipe, this is your only solution.

    Add all the spices to the Vodka bottle, cap the bottle and shake for one minute. Store the bottle somewhere cool, dry and dark for 14 days and shake the bottle for one minute every day.
    After 14 days you can transfer the extract to another bottle. The best way to do this is by using a coffee filter in a funnel. You can repeat this process with the same herbs and another pint of Vodka if you want a clear drink.


    Absinthe, also known as wormwood, is an alcoholic beverage originating from Europe that became popular in the 19th century. Originally, absinthe was mainly used as a medicinal remedy to treat ailments such as headaches, insomnia, and stomach discomfort. Additionally, it was believed to have stimulant properties and was used as a tonic to improve digestion. Over time, absinthe became more of a recreational drink and gained popularity as a playful beverage in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

    Originating in southern France, absinthe has become a popular drink worldwide, especially in Europe.

    The origin of absinthe dates back to the 19th century in southern France. It is said to have been invented by the Marseille-based physician Joseph Caventou, who was looking for a way to combine the medical benefits of his time with an alcoholic drink. Caventou discovered that anise oil had medicinal properties and decided to combine it with alcohol to create a healing drink.

    The original recipe for absinthe included alcohol, wormwood, star anise, and sugar, but over time, other ingredients such as spices and herbs were added.

    Absinthe has also become a popular drink in artistic and bohemian circles and has been mentioned in works of art and literature. For example, absinthe is mentioned in Alexandre Dumas' 1897 play "The Lady of the Camellias," and also appears in Raymond Chandler's 1951 novel "Aloha from Hell."

    The popularity of absinthe declined in the 1950s due to the emergence of new alcoholic beverages, but has experienced a resurgence in recent decades. Today, absinthe is a drink appreciated worldwide and is known for its unique flavor and ability to create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Other herbs and spices such as ivy, chamomile, and angelica could also be used in the original absinthe production to provide additional flavor and aroma to the drink.

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