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Absinthe kit

A professional kit to make your own Absinthe. The absinthe will have the same taste as the original drink from the 19th and early 20th century. Only vodka or liquor has to be added.

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    The kit contains:

    • the absinthe-typical thujon-containing herbs & spices
    • absinthe-cocktail & longdrink-recipes
    • postcard sized sticker for your absinthe bottle
    • the special spoon which is used since the early days to let melting sugar drop into a glass of absinthe
    • a description of this absinthe-ritual
    • the detailed instructions on how to make your own absinthe with a high thujon level
    • all herbs come in separate plastic bags in a nice store box


    Absinthe contains several psychoactive substances, of which thujone is foremost. There is not much known for sure about the hallucinogenic properties of absinth and thujone, but they can certainly be experienced. Possibly the thujone accumulates in the body, what makes regular use stronger and more toxicating.
    The structure of thujone resembles that of THC, the active substance in cannabis. But the mechanism that activates it has shown to be different (and unknown so far). Some other ingredients in absinthe have psychoactive properties. Angelica, coriander, calamus and nutmeg for example, only it is not likely that absinthe contains enough of these ingredients for them to become hallucinogenic.
    Today, we have come to the conclusion that it must be the combination of a high alcohol percentage and thujone.


    The ingredients of the absinthe kit are measured for 1 litre of homemade absinthe. This means a higher thujone concentration if you use a 0,7 litre bottle. Then the absinthe will be stronger, but the typical bitter taste of thujone will also be more dominant.

    1. Put the leaves of the Absinthe plant (the green bag with the security notice) into the vodka (or whatever drink you want to use).
    2. Remove the leaves after 12 - 24 hours.
    3. Put all the other ingredients into the vodka.
    4. Leave it for 5-7 days and then filter to remove the herbs.
    5. Put the sticker from the green bag on the absinthe bottle, as well as the absinthe sticker with the fairy.

    The absinthe ritual
    Now it's time to enjoy your home-made absinthe in the traditional way:
    1. Place the special spoon on top of the glass and put a sugar cube on it.
    2. Drop 20 - 30 ml of absinthe over the sugar cube and into the glass.
    3. Light the sugar (the alcohol should burn now, if you used over 40% alcohol).
    4. Let the sugar burn until it is caramelized.
    5. Add 2-3 cl of cold water.

    Your drink is ready!


    There is no absinthe available nowadays that contains enough thujone to do any possible harm. To reach dangerous levels from this absinthe alone you'd have to drink so much that you would sooner suffer alcohol intoxication.

    The main warning, therefore, is to beware of the high amount of alcohol. Absinthe contains between 50-75% alcohol.

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