Cactus substrate 1 liter

    Substrate cactus 5 liters

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    Ideal substrate to maintain an aerated culture medium, with a good solid proportion and high doses of magnesium that prevent root rot.

    Composition: mixture of quartz crystals, blond peat, black peat, coconut fiber, composted plant material and volcanic clay 4-8 mm. With 0.08 gr of root activator per L of substrate and 1 g of fertilizer N-P-K 18-15-10 per L of substrate


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    Organic matter on dry matter: 15%
         PH: 7.4
         Apparent density compacted in laboratory: 0.68 Kg / l
         Dry matter: 80%
         Electrical Conductivity (EC): 25 mS / m
         Nutrient content: 0.4% Nitrogen, 0.3% Phosphorus, 0.75%

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