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Commercial variety of great reputation. It transports us to the ancestors of the skunk, with its strong and penetrating smell like the cured cheese. It is a variety of simple cultivation.



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INDOOR: It is a very versatile, versatile, adaptable plant that responds well even if the parameters are not exactly adjusted. Extremely fragrant.

OUTDOOR: Plant with great demand of light that will take a huge potential in a south orientation. It is essential to train it from the beginning so that the weight of its flowers does not break the branches at the end of flowering.

Recommended for the extraction of resins and oils, since they multiply the flavor and aroma present in flowers.

Mushroom sensitivity: moderate THC 15-18% CBD 0.3%

COLLECTION: 8-15 October 65-69 days inside PRODUCTION: 450 / 500gr per plant 350/400 gr / m2


HYBRIDIZATION A return to the flavors of the old school. An old skunk that leaves no one indifferent. To preserve the touch of cheese and not leave the initial flavors, we hybridized this wonderful plant with another homonym from different origin that provides great stability. The result is great. A marked flavor similar to cheese, with a very pleasant aftertaste and an enviable production.

PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION: Robust plant with fir pattern that tends to be plump and half height. It is ideal to achieve a high production in discrete sites where the height of the plants is a problem. Its flowers are covered with resin remaining almost completely white. They are large and compact flowers, with a small amount of small leaves and a faint green that tends to magenta in the harvest phase.

ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES: AROMA: The old scent of the 80s, typical of the first coffeeshops. Nostalgic with sweet and sour touches. A dense and pestilent aroma reminiscent of cured cheese. Share with the pioneers this ancestral flavor that will captivate you.

TASTE: Strong flavor that impregnates everything from the first puff, with a lactic-like sour taste similar to cheese. From there it takes its name.

EFFECT: Remarkable sensory and relaxing sensation. Ideal for medicinal use. For playful use it is better that you have nothing to do.

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