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Hawaiian baby woodrose madagascar seeds 4

Argyreia nervosa originally comes from Indonesia and Sri Lanka and has ayurvedic applications since ancient times, Indians Kahunas of Hawaii and Polynesia divination used it as a sacrament was also used as a substitute for cannabis and as aphrodisiac. It is now mainly used for its psychedelic properties, due to the active substance LSA.

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    Effects and evolution of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experience:

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose causes a psychedelic & hallucinogenic perception of reality. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose enhances conscious and subconscious feelings. The first effects can be noticed within 15 - 120 minutes. The effects are comparable to those of LSD, although the fart and visual effects will be much milder. The fart cause a sort of dream state, characterized by a feeling of mental emptiness, combined with a sense of understanding how the world and a sense of connection with others. The thoughts are fast and you can get swept away by a succession of pleasant memories. There may be a time warp. Some effects are comparable to those of alcohol can have a sense of silliness and joy, along with an unsteady gait and slurred speech. Visual effects can be seen as brightly colored patterns, beautifully colored visions with a mystical character. The fatigue, which increases during the fart, will result in a deep sleep and often peaceful. Depending on the dose, the effects will last between 6 and 10 hours.

    Important! There are two distinct varieties of Woodrose (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and - Madagascar - extra strong). Please check carefully what you bought.
    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose: The starting dose is 1-4 seeds, a normal dose is 4-8 seeds. The maximum dose is 13-14 seeds. (For experienced psychonauts!)

    How to use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
    Grind the desirable amount of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to a fine powder. Mix the powder with cold water. Leave covered for a minimum of 12 hours. At 12 hours, the active substance, LSA, will bind to water. Filter the liquid through a paper coffee filter. Drink the cold extract.

    Another way is to chew the seeds consume directly, as long as possible.

    What to do when the effects are too overwhelming:
    Breathing deep and calm and a change of atmosphere and music can help. In case of overdose, get medical attention.

    Side Effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
    Some people experience nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can cause sleepiness.

    How to decrease side effects:
    - Adding sugar to the liquid
    - Eating a small amount of hard liquor a 80 teaspoon rum, to numb the stomach.
    - Consuming activated carbon from the pharmacy before taking the liquid one can decrease the potential side effects in the intestines.
    - Taking fat: the speed at which the fluid through the intestines can be increased by eating something fat, like ice cream. This reduces the chances of bowel problems like diarrhea.

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