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African Voacanga Seeds

The African Voacanga is a tropical tree, native to West Africa. It was used by shamans as a stimulant and visionary. This tree can reach up to 10 m. tall, has white flowers and yellow, with numerous brown seeds. It is related to plants of the genus Tabernanthe or iboga.

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    Today the tree has industrial applications (production of latex), medicinal and spiritual. West African shamans used the bark of this tree as a brain stimulant, the roots were used as a stimulant during long hunting trips, while seeds were used for purposes visionaries.

    Voacanga seeds contain 1.5% or carbomethoxy-ibogaine voacangina, a stimulant similar to ibogaine, and other related substances so chopped smoked or eaten powder, 7-50 of them to a gentle visionary effect and stimulating. Both fumación as ingesting an effect very similar and different from the root bark. The taste of the crushed seeds is not all bad and not too bitter. The substances are considered slightly toxic Voacanga and rapid elimination. Still, a huge number of seeds could kill by respiratory paralysis, so caution should not mix with alcohol. The seeds retain their psychoactivity more than three years. Many indigenous prefierenla Voacanga the Iboga. The contraindications and side effects are similar to those of other stimulants. In small quantities no problem.

    Cultivation: Seeds germinate sporadically and may take several months to be born after having been planted. You have to sterilize the seeds before planting, leaving them submerged in water with 6% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes.
    We recommend using a sterile substrate and water systemic fungicide preventively. This plant, like the cebil, is very prone to fungal attack, especially during the early stages.
    Seeds should be buried at least 1 cm. underground, in damp (not wet) and warm .. Once the seeds have sprouted, as well as using a fungicide product, we recommend you plant in a well ventilated to help prevent fungal attack. As they grow is good to place them in partial shade when mature need full sun.
    To fully develop the roots need plenty of space, making it a good idea to transplant the plant to a location with better conditions regularly.


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