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White Berry Auto 3 semillas

White Berry Auto

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Type: Indica 70% Sativa 30% self-blooming hybrid

Environment: Interior and exterior

Life cycle: inside 63 days, outside 65 days after germination

Indoor Performance: 350gr / m2. Outdoor Performance: + 50gr / pp.

Effect: mild to strong relaxing

Taste: Sweet and sour berries


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This is the 4th generation self-blooming white berry that has been retro-crossed until the desired characteristics of its original mother (White Berry) are clearly present in the self-flourishing version. This beauty has inherited the flavors and the purple color of its mother, as well as resinous and dense buds.

These plants are not very long, approximately 75 cm. which is ideal for growing indoors, on the balcony or in gardens where safety is a concern. Very fast from seed to cut.

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