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Semillas de Cebil 5 grs View larger

Cebil seeds

Cebil / Curupay (Anadenanthera colubrina)
Anadenanthera The generic name means "without glands on the anthers" and colubrina epithet refers to the toxicity of its seeds. Its effects are very similar to yopo.
The use of powder obtained from the seeds as a hallucinogen curupay cebil or in tribal rites and ceremonies, dates back centuries.

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    The Guarani Indians prepared the Kurup curupay or Indian, who sucked in the form of snuff caused a state of ecstatic visions.

    He is originally from Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Own areas of tropical and subtropical.

    In the Andean region of Argentina is also the current registered use cebil since prehispanic times. In the context of religious use of hallucinogens was the medium that allowed access to the world of the sacred.


    While the cebil can be consumed orally or rectally, most people take it parenterally (through the nose). If snorted, the cebil cause heavy pressure on the body of most consumers. Vertigo, vomiting and headache are common, especially with more than 3 dosficaciones seeds. Many consumers speak to a state of dreaming, or having a psychedelic experience. It lasts about 15 minutes, with minor effects that continue after 30 or 45 minutes more.


    For heavy pressure on the body is recommended for beginners to start with 3 seeds. You have to roast the seeds in a skillet until dry enough to grind in a mortar until a fine powder. Spray the seeds are dry when you produce a sticky paste and useless.

    This mixture can be snorted, or blow into the nostril to the other person. The nasal application is known to be painful for most people. Dosages of 3 to 5 seeds seem to have a psychedelic result many consumers. Dosages of more than 5 seeds are very high and inconvenient for most.


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