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Althaea officinalis 50 grs View larger

Althaea officinalis 50 grs

The Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) plant has a long history of medicinal and culinary uses tracking back to ancient Egypt. The plant can be found in Western Asia, South and Western Europe and north-eastern region of North America. The whole plant, especially the root, is filled with mild mucilage and is antitussive, demulcent, highly emollient, diuretic and slightly laxative.

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    Marshmallow has been used as a remedy to treat inflammations and irritations to the mucous membranes, fevers, ulcers and urinary infections. There are no reported side effects with the use of Marshmallow and it is generally considered to be safe.

    Take Marshmallow several hours before or after taking other herbs or medications as it coats the lining of the stomach and may interfere with absorption of other drugs or herbs. When taking diabetes medications along with marshmallow it may result in a decrease in blood sugar.

    To use Marshmallow herb as a tea, use 2 - 5 teaspoons of dried herb per tea cup. Add sugar to taste. Marshmallow herb can also be used in a vaporizer.

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