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CBD: doubts about dosage

Publicado el : 2016-12-20 10:18:28
Categorías : News

I have been growing cannabis rich in cannabidiol (from this point forward: CBD), since 2012. I have also grown Cannatonic, from Resin Seeds, back in 2010, when it won the High Times Cannabis Cup, however, back then, I had no idea that I was growing a variety rich in CBD.

The varieties CBD-rich uncovered a whole new cannabic world. A moderate effect, with more or less psychoactive effects, depending on the ratio, however, in no case excessive, they made me become a user of varieties, exclusively, rich in CBD.

If you are medical users or happen to have doubts about these wonderful genetics, I recommend that you get some information through the Association of the Vegetal Genetic Conservation of CBD-rich in their webpage. If you have worries, they will be surely delighted to talk to you about it.

The thing is, due to this impressive discovery with cannabis rich in CBD, I started to search for information on extracts that only carry cannabinoids. The more I read about it, the more surprised I got about the potential of CBD. Nevertheless, it is wise to differentiate, without uncertainty, those pseudo-scientific fantasies that are spreading, from truly scientific studies in process. At present, we can declare that CBD produces the following effects:

⦁    Reduces attacks and convulsions in several illnesses.
⦁    Reduces vomits and nauseas.
⦁    Reduces inflammation.
⦁    Reduces blood sugar level.
⦁    Reduces the risk of arterial obstruction.
⦁    Eliminates or reduces the growth of bacteria.
⦁    Inhibits the growth of carcinogenic cells.
⦁    Helps in the treatment of psoriasis.
⦁    Acts as a tranquiliser, avoiding psychosis.
⦁    Relives anxiety.
⦁    Reduces muscle spasms.
⦁    Promotes bone growth.
⦁    Relieves pain.
⦁    Reduces contractions of the small intestine.
⦁    Avoids the degeneration of the nervous system.

Regarding CBD’s validity as an anticancer substance, it has been shown that it reduces the growth and invasiveness of breast cancer cells, in vitro, however, there is still much to investigate on that subject. Unfortunately, the investment tends to determine how fast a scientific study will become a medicine, and, for now, it does not seem to be a priority for pharmaceutical industries.

In any case (and whenever DEA allows it), CBD could end up being one of the greatest medicinal discoveries of the century, and, without the psychoactive load and legal control that comes with the THC.


One of the main questions that come up when it comes to buying products with determined milligrams or percentage of CBD is, the dosage. The first thing to clear up is that there is a great leeway when taking CBD and that it is not a dangerous substance, so you don’t have to measure the dose rigidly.

However, it is important not to exceed the dose and to start with very small amounts because, as any other substance, our organism may create tolerance and we may need to progressively increase the quantity of CBD.
It is also important to denote that the rules I will give, should work for almost every vertebrate, as each have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with CBD. My female dog is whom, in fact, takes CBD every day at home, not I. My dog suffers from epilepsy and, thanks to CBD, the attacks have decreased substantially and, when they do happen, it is with less intensity.

Let’s turn to the CBD oil that we got at Edabea store, called Cibdol:

As you can see, this oil is 4% CBD in different formats (10 ml or 200 drops, 30 ml or 600 drops and 50 ml or 1.000 drops, approximately). These 4 % correspond to 400 mg of CBD in the 10-ml format, so, each drop has about 2 mg of CBD.

As shown in the “Download” tab, this is one of the few oils that has heavy metals analyses, organic certification and a percentage of CBD. All of them essential to know that we are using prime quality oil, without any harming effects and adjusted to our needs.

According to several American specialists, doctors and paediatricians, the effective doses of therapeutically cannabis essence hasn’t had enough study yet. It is best to start with the smallest dose possible, and gradually increase the dose every five days, approximately, until you get the result you desire. The maximum dose recommended for products with CBD is around 1 mg/kg/day orally, but you should start with a much smaller portion, roughly 0,05 mg/kg/day.

If, for example, you weigh 80 kg, your adequate dose to start is 4 mg per day. If it is Edabea’s CBD oil, only two drops. You just have to multiply your weigh times 0,05 and you’ll know, roughly, what is your recommended daily dose to start with.

Remember that CBD is a safe substance, legal and not controlled, however, there is still a lot to investigate. Use it carefully and on your own responsibility.

Article of Germán Carrera

Translated by Ana Mendes