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Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa
Santa Sativa

Santa Sativa

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Santa Sativa by Dinafem, is a cannabis hybrid with an intense Haze flavor, the result of the union between a Haze # 1 and a Skunk x Northern Lights.



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Santa Sativa is a beautiful marijuana plant of great stature, easy to grow and productive. Its internodal distance is medium and, in general, its appearance conveys robustness and grandeur, like that of other similar hybrids such as Moby Dick or White Siberian. Its internodal distance is medium-wide, which facilitates the transpiration of humidity, as well as its wide indica-looking leaves.

Santa Sativa shows all its sativa power in its impressive vertical and horizontal growth abilities, but without the languor and lanky appearance of pure sativas. In fact, it is so robust that, despite its length and its enormous productive capacity, it is not necessary to add stakes during the flowering stage because it is enough to hold its huge clusters of buds by itself.

Santa Sativa is a super producer of elongated and compact buds, with abundant resin.

Aromas and flavors:
Santa Sativa flowers have an intense and penetrating Haze aroma, with notes of pine and wood, lemon, cedar and incense. These nuances increase after curing and once in the mouth, very fresh and fragrant floral reminiscences are added to the mixture.

Sporadic cannabis users or those not used to THC should be very careful with this highly potent strain. Its 70% sativa dominance makes its effect absolutely euphoric and cerebral at first, to continue with a punch of absolute physical relaxation that will prevent any false movement.

One of the advantages of Santa Sativa is that, thanks to its vigor, its cultivation is extremely easy. The only thing that can complicate things a bit, especially if we grow it indoors, is that it needs a lot of space to grow. In fact, the growing needs of Santa Sativa and Moby Dick are very similar. Both need large spaces, a lot of light and, above all, a large amount of food to meet the needs of their vigorous metabolisms. In return, these gluttons will reward our generosity with huge amounts of high-potency buds. So, don't be stingy with this marvelous cannabis wonder, give her all the nutrients she needs and she will pay you back in spades.

If you grow it indoors, as we mentioned at the beginning, keep in mind that Santa Sativa tends to stretch excessively in search of as much light as possible. If you want to prevent it from growing too large, we recommend limiting its vegetative period to three weeks. The good news is that this enormous growth is accompanied by extreme vigor that will prevent you from using stakes or other support methods during the flowering season.

The only thing that can be attributed to Santa Sativa is its long flowering period. In the case of outdoor crops, with hot, sunny, Mediterranean and temperate climates, the harvest will take place at the end of October and the beginning of November. For its part, indoors its growth is usually quite fast, although its flowering usually lasts a little longer than usual, around 70-80 days. Some growers even leave it a few more days to increase the amount of final resin.

Sex: Feminized
Genotype: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Cross: Haze # 1 x (Skunk x Northern Lights)
Recommended growing: Indoor and outdoor
Indoor flowering: 70-80 days
Indoor yield: 500 g / m2
Harvest outdoors: End of October / Beginning of November
Outdoor production: 1300 g / plant
Outdoor height: 4.5 m
THC: 16-20%
CBD : Low

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