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    Super Silver by Dinafem, for growers who prefer robust and moisture resistant sativas. Its success lies in the confluence of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights genetics, a gathering of cannabis aces that our team of breeders stabilized and backcrossed with great success.



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    Super Silver is a statuesque marijuana plant with a typically Sativa morphology. It grows with a large and slender structure, with abundant, flexible and elongated branches, with a wide intermodal distance and with thin leaves. It can reach an inordinate size and become a giant of up to 4.5 meters outdoors.

    Super Silver produces generous yields of dense, elongated and resinous buds. Indoors it reaches 500 g / m2 and outdoors 400 g / plant. And we not only have to talk about quantity but also quality because it is an extraordinary herb that is highly desired by foodies of Sativa genetics.

    Aromas and Flavors:
    Super Silver has an aroma and flavor with clear and intense notes of lemon, pine, cedar, incense and spices. It has inherited the aromas and flavors of its ancestors and has fused them into a rich and magical combination.

    The effect of Super Silver is powerful and long-lasting, in the purest sativa style: cerebral, euphoric, invigorating and psychoactive. Without realizing it, you dive into a delirious and inspiring cosmos that pushes you to develop your ingenuity and imagination to unsuspected limits. Incredible but true!

    Super Silver is a plant that responds very well to the effort put into it. It grows so much and with such force that it is preferable to grow it outdoors, and if it is grown indoors it must be transferred to flowering after only two weeks. Outdoors, given its dimensions, it is best to do guerrilla warfare or use a greenhouse, and indoors success is assured with the SCROG method.

    Outdoors it grows fully under a sunny and dry climate or in the pleasant atmosphere of a greenhouse, but as it is highly resistant to humidity it is also prepared to survive with good results in other types of environments. Its flowering is quite short except in some phenotypes with which you have to be a little more patient. Indoors it flowers in about 70 - 80 days, and outdoors it is harvested in October. It must be borne in mind that it is a plant that requires fertilization higher than usual and requires a diet rich in iron, zinc, magnesium and nitrogen.

    Sex: Feminized
    Genotype: 10% Indica / 90% Sativa
    Cross: Super Silver x Super Silver
    Recommended growing: Indoor and outdoor
    Indoor flowering: 70-80 days
    Indoor yield: 500 g / m2
    Harvest outdoors: End of October
    Yield outdoors: 400 g / plant
    Outdoor height: 4.5 m
    THC: High
    CBD: Low

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