Rapé Pure Mapacho

    Rapé Pure Mapacho

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    5 grams of Rapé Mapacho

    Rapé Mapacho can also be used as a base to make your own rapé blend. You can infuse mapacho with fresh leaves of different plants or spices. Think mint, lavender, cinnamon, sage, guayusa or Palo Santo.

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    Rapé Mapacho

    There are many different Rapé blends, all of which have their authentic additional ingredients that all enhance and enrich your Rapé experience in their own way. All rapé blends use mapacho as the main ingredient, so this is the pure base of every rapé.

    Mapacho (Nicotiana rustica) has been traditionally used by shamans in South America for instance as a magical remedy or during ayahuasca ceremonies where it gives focus when formulating the intention of the journey. It’s also called Aztec tobacco or ucuch. Mapacho rapé can be used pure as a tobacco sniff.

    Rapé (pronounced 'ha-pé') is a snuff that has been used by indigenous tribes of the Amazon basin, for thousands of years. The main ingredient of this shamanic powder is wild tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica), enriched with unique blends of different plants and ashes. Although Rapé can be used by itself, it is often taken in ayahuasca ceremonies, to enhance and direct the experience.

    One package contains 5 g of Mapacho Rapé.

    Rapé Mapacho Effects

    Rapé affects both body and spirit. On a spiritual level, Rapé is known to induce a grounded, yet energetic state of mind. Other effects include the release of negative thought patterns, connectedness to the earth and disappearance of mental fog and confusion.

    Rapé is also used to clear the sinuses and airways. After sniffing Rapé, you typically experience an enhanced sense of smell. In higher concentrations, it can cleanse the body, in the form of sweating and sometimes throwing up (not in a horrible way, but in a good, purging, "that was exactly what I needed" kind of way).

    Rapé is often used in Ayahuasca ceremonies to enhance or direct the experience. Different Rapé blends can be used to fit the specific needs of the individual Ayahuasca users. Rapé generally makes you more focused, clear-headed and grounded during the trip.
    How to use?

    Since Rapé tends to have a very physical effect, it's not really your best choice for parties. It's best enjoyed in a ceremonial - or more conversational way with friends. There are two basic ways to administer rapé: the soplada (where another person blows the powder into your nose) or by self-administration with a crooked pipe made of wood called kuripe. The big advantage of using a kuripe is that you are in total control of the dosage.

        Load the nose end of the kuripe by carefully transferring some rapé (for inexperienced users, about the size of a pea will do) with the palm of your hand.
        Tap the V-shaped end on a hard surface to remove any stuck rapé or air pockets.
        Take a deep breath, place the mouth end of your Kuripe into your mouth and carefully fit the nose end into one of your nostrils.
        Lean forward a little, close your eyes (you don’t want blow rapé into your eyes) and blow the rapé into your nostril.
        Enjoy the effect.
        If you need to increase the dosage refill the kuripe and administer through the other nostril (but don't overdo it.)
        Lean forward to minimize the back dripping of rapé.


    Rapé contains tobacco, and therefore nicotine. Do not combine it with other drugs or medicines (especially MAO-inhibitors).  Do not use while pregnant. Do not use if you have to drive or operate heavy machinery.

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