Canavalia Maritima 25X

    Canavalia Maritima 25X 1 gr.

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    Canavalia Maritima 25X 1 gr.

    Canavalia maritima is another curious potential entheogen. There are many stories around this plant, it was considered important and sacred enough to be placed in graves in and around the area by the Mazatecs and other tribal groups.

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    Canavalia Maritima, Canavalia rosea, Bay Bean, Beach-bean, jackbean, maunaloa, puakauhi, wonderbean, Friol de Playa, Canavalia

    Dried leaves have been used as entheogen, a component to some ancient rituals. In ancient Peru, the fruit and leaves had ritual and magical use. In South America and Gulf Coast of Mexico, beans of C. maritima are ingested or smoked with the dried leaves as marijuana.

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