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Ejector Ice Bong

The Ejector Ice Bong has been specially developed to get the best out of the Eject-a-Bowl. The reinforced mouth ring, the Eject-a-Bowl and the Ejector logo on the bong are colour-matched.
Available in 3 sizes

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25,50 €

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    The advantages at a glance:

    • A splendid design, wonderful workmanship and great quality for a reasonable price.
    • The Eject-a-Bowl fits perfectly, without needing a seperate adapter.
    • The functional indentations make it particularly suitable to use with ice, making the smoke even cooler.
    • The Ejector Ice Bong is the perfect fit for the Eject-a-Bowl, without the need for an adapter. Its called Ice Bong because it is particularly suitable for the use with ice, due to the functional indentations. The Ejector Ice Bong consists of thick walled (4mm) clear borosilicate glass with contrasting colors, wherein the logo, the extra thick mouthring and the Eject-a-Bowl are colour-matched.

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