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    Dried zornia latifolia leaves and flower buds are used as an hallucinogenic substitute for Cannabis by the Indians in Brazil. Maconha brava, or Zornia latifolia, is mentioned in Food of the Gods (Schultes and Hofmann, 1992) as an hallucinogenic substitute for cannabis.

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    Passion incarnata leaves and roots have a long history of use among Native Americans in North America and were adapted by the European colonists. The fresh or dried leaves of Passion are used to make a tea that is used to treat insomnia and hysteria and is also valued for its analgesic properties

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    Sinicuichi extract has been tested and is believed to have euphoric, overall relaxing and pleasantly drowsy effects.

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    Leonurus Sibiricus 25X 1 gr. Leonurus sibiricus, known as Siberian motherwort and little marijuana, has been used in traditional Asian medicine for many centuries for its relaxing and soothing effects. In South America and Mexico the herb is nicknamed "marihuanilla"

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    Canavalia Maritima 25X 1 gr. Canavalia maritima is another curious potential entheogen. There are many stories around this plant, it was considered important and sacred enough to be placed in graves in and around the area by the Mazatecs and other tribal groups.

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    Muira Puama 25X Extrac 5 grs. L'herbe brésilienne Muira puama, ou Murapuama (Ptychotepalum oladoides) est un aphrodisiaque qui améliore le libido. Ce stimulant sexuel est utilisé depuis des siècles en Amérique centrale et en Amérique du sud.

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    Damiana 10X Extract 10 grs. Le Damiana (Turnera diffusa) se compose des feuilles séchées d'une plante des forêts tropicales de l'Amérique. Il était utilisé par les mayas d'Amérique central pour ses propriétés aphrodisiaques et récréatives. Les feuilles de Turnera opifera sont utilisées en infusion et données comme tonique par les Indiens du Brésil.

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    Maca 4X Extract 10 grs. Maca increases sexual endurance, physical stamina, adaptability to stressful situations and an increase in both the number and activity of sperm.

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    Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes Lucida) 10xQuantity: 1 gram Is a species of marigold that helps relax the nerves and calm the stomach. Dried plant matter taken orally has been found to cause alertness, a feeling of well-being and a warming of the body. Dream enhancement is also commonly experienced.

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    Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the blue lotus or sacred blue lily, is a water-lily originating along the Nile and other locations in East Africa. The effects of the Blue lotus are both narcotic and euphoric, while slightly hallucinogenic at higher doses.

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    Il est étroitement lié à Mitragyna Speciosa (le kratom) et les feuilles ont des effets paradoxaux similaires: à la fois stimulant et calmant en même temps.

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    Entada rheedii aussi connu comme African Dream herbe est utilisée en médecine traditionnelle africaine pour induire des rêves vifs, qui permet la communication avec le monde des esprits.

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