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Gel de sílice naranja View larger

Gel de sílice naranja

Orange silica gel 400 grs. approximately.

Not toxic.

Ideal for drying your mushrooms and truffles.

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    The main ingredient is silicon dioxide and, since it does not contain cobalt chloride (blue silica gel), it is harmless and free of any contamination, preserving the color changes according to the amount of moisture absorbed that characterizes the gel of silica with indicator.

    Indicator color change:

    - Dry: orange

    - Saturated: Blackened green


    It goes from orange to dark green, it is reusable.

    The orange silica gel cataloged as the one with the highest absorption capacity of those that are currently known. Despite its name it is a solid and hard gel.


    This gel is not toxic, flammable or chemically reactive.

    It can be regenerated once saturated, if it is subjected to a temperature between 120-180ºC in the oven (not in the microwave). Heating it will release the moisture that has absorbed so it can be reused several times but progressively loses efficiency, it does not recover the color.

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