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  • Dimetiltriptamina (DMT) Utilização ancestral e contemporânea
    Published : 2023-07-25 | Categories : Artigos

    A dimetiltriptamina, vulgarmente conhecida como DMT, é uma substância psicadélica potente que tem sido usada desde tempos antigos por várias culturas indígenas.

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  • Mescalina
    Published : 2023-05-25 | Categories : Artigos

    A mescalina é um alcalóide psicadélico que se encontra naturalmente em várias espécies de cactos....

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  • Psilocybin
    Published : 2023-04-19 | Categories : Artigos

    A psilocibina é um composto químico psicadélico encontrado em certos cogumelos, também conhecido como 'cogumelos mágicos' ou 'cogumelos mágicos'. A psilocibina é um alucinogénio ..

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  • DMT
    Published : 2023-03-23 | Categories : Artigos

    O DMT, também conhecido como dimetiltriptamina, é um composto psicadélico encontrado em várias plantas e animais, incluindo certos tipos de cactos, ayahuasca e a glândula pineal ..

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  • The snuff
    Published : 2023-02-08 | Categories : Artigos

    Snuff is a powder made from the grinding and sifting of ancient Amazonian plants (medicinal and aromatic plants) and even minerals, whose main ingredient is tobacco (Nicotiana taba

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  • Magic truffles
    Published : 2020-11-17 | Categories : Artigos

    Truffles are popularly considered as the black diamond of haute cuisine, a luxury delicacy, accesible only to some. But leaving gastronomy aside, ¿what exactly do you know [...]

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  • Microdosing is trendy
    Published : 2020-10-29 | Categories : Artigos

    Ben Sessa’s little book, The Psychedelic Renaissance, was published in 2012. The psychiatrist, who works with children and adolescents with severe mental disorders, talks a [...]

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  • Kratom: on the verge of prohibition
    Published : 2017-03-23 | Categories : Artigos

    The first thing any customer should know is what kratom is exactly. Kratom or Mitragynia speciosa is a deciduous plant which belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Curiously, this [...]

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  • Psilocybin for the treatment of cluster headaches
    Published : 2017-03-08 | Categories : Artigos

    25.000 people in Spain suffer from cluster headaches (Horton syndrome), from which almost 28% have it in form of chronic disease. Nevertheless, recent studies suggest that [...]

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