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    Silicone Oil Container - Jar Measure approx. 3 x 1.5

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  • 19,95 €

    This is the world's first pocket-sized Honey Oil extractor using the latest space age chemically resistant plastic. This is not made of PVC like the cheap imitations or DIY / PVC pipe and fittings. Get the real thing, the original Honey Bee Extractor!

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  • 16,50 €

    Pack with two MagicalButter Eat to Treat gummy trays. Each tray holds 12 oval-shaped gummies and one extra-large MagicalButter logo-shaped gummy.

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  • 14,90 €

    A package with two baking mats by MagicalButter. These flexible, nonstick silicone mats provide a surface for preparing cookies, bread and pastries with the MagicalButter machine.

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  • 24,50 €

    The book gathers the different extraction techniques in different categories: concentrates for therapeutical use, mechanical extractions and extracts with solvents. Hashish enthusiasts, the authors of this book have been awarded several times in different cannabis cups for the high quality of their samples.

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  • 27,50 €

    Collect all that pollen dust that's been gathering in the bottom piece of your herb grinder and compress it into one neat little hash disc with this Super Herbal Pollen Press!

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  • 16,50 €

    The MagicalButter butter tray is made of nonstick silicone. Create up to five perfect pieces of cannabutter with this easy to clean tray which is also dishwater safe and resistant to odour and stains.

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  • 164,95 €

    Edibles are the next big thing and now you can easily make them at home with the MagicalButter machine. Cannabis-infused butter, cake, gummies, oil, the MagicalButter machine makes it all possible. Without sticky fingers or a messy kitchen. Just fill her up, push the button and let the program take care of the rest.

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  • 2,50 €

    The Honey Bee Extractor is a neat device for creating oils. But inevitably you need to replace the filters. With this 10-pack you'll be producing oil for some time.

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  • 13,94 €

    ¡Hacer hash nunca fue tan fácil! Simplemente abre y coloca hojas y pequeños brotes en Shake Me hashmaker. Agítalo, colócalo en el congelador durante una hora, recoge el polvo de hash y presiónalo con tus manos en un trozo de hash.

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