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Amnesia XXL Auto

Dinafem's Amnesia XXL Auto is a 3rd generation cannabis strain that debunks the biases normally associated with growing autoflowering genetics - it's incredibly productive, and its THC levels and flavor are just like its legendary strain.

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    The result of the union between an Original Amnesia and an Original Amnesia Auto, Amnesia XXL Auto is a plant of the highest sativa dominance that will delight lovers of the most creative and psychedelic psychoactive experiences and Haze flavors.

    Amnesia XXL Auto cannabis seeds develop absolutely sativa-looking plants. Tall, slender and vigorous, with a wide internodal distance and elegant leaves with fine serrated leaflets. Amnesia XXL Auto can grow to up to 1.70m, which can be a problem if you grow it indoors. To control its growth vertically we recommend that you tie the top of the plant -the highest tail- with a thread and force the plant to bend slightly by tying the other end of the thread to a lower area -for example, some of the bars from the closet-. Remember that you are dealing with a living being, so bend it gently, without breaking the stem, preventing the plant from feeling uncomfortable.

    Amnesia XXL Auto is a stupendous producer, who debunks prejudices about automatics and lives up to her legendary stock. It produces elongated and airy buds in the shape of a foxtail, typically sativa. These types of buds are less vulnerable to mold and botrytis.

    Aromas and Flavors:
    Amnesia XXL Auto has a strong and delicious aroma of Haze, lemon, incense and pine.

    As a good sativa, Amnesia XXL Auto is a guarantee of a session of marked psychedelic touch, purely cerebral and long-lasting. Its high levels of THC do not make it recommended for inexperienced consumers and its markedly euphoric effect is more suitable for daytime activities or those that require creativity than for going to sleep.

    As a good sativa, Amnesia XXL Auto is an especially vigorous plant, which supports humidity well thanks to its wide internodal distance and its fine leaves, which optimize transpiration. To its sativa strength we must add the advantage of its autoflowering condition. Both qualities, resistance to humidity and rapid life cycle, make Amnesia XXL Auto a plant especially recommended for rainy climates, where the warm season is not particularly long. With this cannabis strain the risk of botrytis, mold and mildew is greatly reduced.

    To get the most out of it, we recommend growing it in pots of at least 10 liters, even 20 if you don't have space problems. If you are going to work with soil, it is recommended that the substrate contains at least a third of coconut, so that it is aerated and the roots can take advantage of all the nutrients.

    Regarding irrigation, as a good autoflowering, Amnesia XXL Auto needs to be watered more frequently than a photoperiod variety, but always avoiding waterlogging that can choke its roots.

    If you are going to grow it indoors, the most suitable light cycle for Amnesia XXL Auto is 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness throughout its life cycle. Remember that autoflowering does not depend on the photoperiod, they bloom automatically without changing the daylight hours. Of course, the more hours of light and of greater intensity they receive, the more and better they will grow and produce. Therefore, if you are going to grow it outdoors, we recommend that you do it during the warmer months of the year.

    Regarding fertilization, Amnesia XXL Auto will require more food than other plants due to its sativa condition. We cannot give you exact EC and PH figures, because they depend on many conditions, but we do recommend that you give him a little more food than you would give to another type of variety and adjust the quantity according to the plant that responds.

    Dinafem Amnesia XXL Auto features:

        Genetics: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Autoflowering
        Type: Auto feminized
        Indoor flowering: 75-90 days
        Harvest outdoors: April to October
        Indoor production: 450-500 gr / m2
        Outdoor production: 60 to 170 gr per plant
        Height: 75 to 170 cm.
        THC: High

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