Stone Pipes

Looking for a small and solid pipe to smoke? Maybe a stone pipe is the perfect choice for you. Our pipes are made of natural stone, which makes them super strong as well as beautiful. 


Why choose a stone pipe? 

- If you like your smoke to be cool when you inhale, a stone pipe heats up very slowly, so it's ideal for that cool feeling.  

- They are super durable. If you want a pipe that is resistant to almost anything, a stone pipe is ideal.  

- Very easy to carry due to their small size (although they can be a bit heavy due to their material). 

- Its sensation is similar to smoking a glass pipe because the smoke stays fresh. 

- The material they are made of means that no flavour is transmitted to the smoke, which will allow you to preserve the flavour of the herb optimally. 

- It is very economically priced.  


How do you clean a stone pipe? 

If you use your stone pipe frequently, it is very important to keep it clean, so that it does not give off strange flavours and remains a pleasure to use.  


There are two methods to clean them: 

1- Using solvents: just soak your pipe in a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol until the dirt comes off the pipe. Afterwards, just rinse the pipe with water and let it dry completely before using it again. Very easy and common method for cleaning pipes in general. 

  1. Using cleaning tools: If alcohol is not enough, you can use cleaning brushes, a spray bottle or a pipe cleaner to get rid of all the accumulated tar and resin. 

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