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  • 16,50 €

    Finally you can build a bong from basically any plastic vessel, be it a bottle, a canister or even a water barrel. Simply force the bong spear through the plastic wall of your object of choice - and then smoke it! 17 cm long, easy to clean and very compact.

    16,50 €
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  • 5,15 €

    The brush has natural bristles and a woolen head. The classic cleaning brush. Length: 52 cm

    5,15 €
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  • 2,55 €

    Concave steel screens with concave recess, allowing easy filling and refilling and avoiding accidental spilling. Five screens per package. 3 options to choose: 12,7mm, 15mm and 20mmIdeal for conical bowls.

    2,55 €
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  • 0,50 €

    A package contains 5 brass pipe. There are 3 sizes to choose; 20 mm, 16.5 mm and 12.5 mm.In 20 mm there are 2 options to choose from; steel or brass.

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  • 13,95 €

    Acrylic bong with attractive Rasta look. In addition to the colourful design, it features an ornament in the shape of a hemp leaf. Manufactured in the Netherlands. These pipes are made of quality American acrylic and offer a remarkably good finish.Acrylic bong "Rasta" Height approx 30 cm Aluminium downpipe and bowl included Colors vary

    13,95 €
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  • 28,35 €

    Once you lower your guard, boom, the "Free Fall" sends its smoker into a turbulent nosedive. But do not worry, just sit back and enjoy, the ground is still far far away ...

    28,35 €
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  • 21,50 €

    The Ejector Ice Bong has been specially developed to get the best out of the Eject-a-Bowl. The reinforced mouth ring, the Eject-a-Bowl and the Ejector logo on the bong are colour-matched.Available in 3 sizes

    21,50 €
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  • 13,95 €

    THCleaner is the latest and greatest cleaning formula for nearly all your headshop and vaporizer paraphernalia. The advanced formula allows you to effortlessly clean glass, metal and acrylic materials.

    13,95 €
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  • 14,40 €

    Compact black bong with hemp leaf motif. Perfect for travel and secret meetings in the dark.Height about 26cm including Chillum 14.5mm joint

    14,40 €
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  • 16,20 €

    Compact black bong with hemp leaf motif. Perfect for travel and secret meetings in the dark.Height about 22cm including Chillum 14.5mm joint

    16,20 €
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