Bongs Accessories

To improve a bong, you can always use different accessories for bongs, ideal to make the most of your moments of tranquility while smoking marijuana, as well as to make your job of cleaning it easier.

Essential accessories for the cleaning of bongs


Although it is generally understood that the main function of the bong is to filter the smoke, the reality is different. The bong serves to cool the smoke that arises from the combustion of marijuana or CBD. That is why it is vital for your health that you incorporate filters in your bong to prevent nicotine, resin, particles and other harmful substances from accumulating in your lungs.


Brushes with wool heads are also very useful to introduce them in your bong and thus be able to extract all the dirt that is embedded in the neck of your pipe. We advise you to buy brushes made of natural fibers to avoid damaging the bong, and also to have a fairly long and thin body.

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