Mushroom Grow Kit 100 % mycelium

1200ml box of colonized substrate, bag with covering substrate, greenhouse bag and two paper clips.
You will need:
Tap water, a well-lit place (never direct sunlight) with natural or artificial light, and a nebulizer. The temperature must be between 18 ° C and 26 ° C. The ideal temperature is 23 ° C, though albino strains need a minimum of 26 ºC to bear fruit.

Kit micelio

Step by step

Important: Wash your hands well or wear sterile gloves. Do not breathe on the kit, the bag or the greenhouse. Mold is everywhere and you don't want to lose your crop to an evil and demonic intruder. Green mold will ruin the whole kit.
1. Break the seal on the box.
2. Remove the lid, rinse it under running water and keep it, you will need it later.
3. These kits do NOT need to be hydrated at their first fruiting.
4. Line the sides of the vessel that contains the substrate with aluminum foil or adhesive tape, so the mushrooms don’t come out from the sides and grow upwards looking for the light.
5. Open the bag of coverage and spread it over the surface of the kit with a clean spoon, creating a small layer, thus we will achieve an exceptional surface for the appearance of the primordios. (Only some strains have the bag of cover, if yours does not have it, ignore this point and go to the next one).
6. Put the kit in the greenhouse bag.
7. Mist the bag’s walls with tap water and place the two paper clips separately in the bag entry (no pleats, for the bag to have a passive air intake), so that it is not completely closed or open, never close the bag completely, they need oxygen, a lot of oxygen.

Comienzo de la fructificación

8. Always keep the inside of the bag moist, spraying water once or twice a day if necessary.

9. Once the primordia appear, put a single paper clip in the bag entry. We must air well for 10 minutes a day, removing the paper clip and then spraying the bag’s walls. It is important to reduce humidity and increase ventilation once the primordia appear. If at the beginning we must provide a humidity close to 100%, once the primordia appear we can lower it slightly (around 95 or 90%), and decrease it a little more (around 85%) when the mushrooms are growing and until the harvest.
10. The best time to harvest is 5 to 6 hours after the veil is broken. Grab the base of the mushroom, twist it a little and pull it carefully. Otherwise, you could damage the surface and delay further fruiting.
11. Once the mushrooms have been harvested, remove the kit from the bag and pour tap water until it is completely full.
12.  Close the lid of the kit and let it soak for 20 minutes at room temperature, never in the refrigerator. After 20 minutes, drain the water, put the kit back in the bag and repeat all the previous steps for later fruiting.

How to keep the surface of the kit moist (IMPORTANT!):
Ideally, it is preferable NOT to directly mist the surface of the kit, unless you observe that the bread surface is losing moisture. To determine if it is necessary to moisten the surface, we recommend using the cellphone flashlight and illuminating the surface. If water droplets are observed, it will not be necessary to moisten. You ONLY have to spray some water in case you observe at some point that the surface lacks these droplets, and never more than once a day. Otherwise, you could damage the crop. For this, we recommend removing the kit from the bag and misting it, from at least one meter above it, never pointing directly at the bread. The droplets must fall on it by gravity. What is intended is that small diffused droplets fall smoothly on the surface, simulating those created on autumn foggy days. 10 seconds will suffice. Then illuminate the surface again to check that these droplets are present, and like this, you will learn to maintain the correct level of humidity for your kit!
You must bear in mind that this is not a mathematical process. To get the most out of our kits, it is best to learn when the surface is lacking or over moisture. You must achieve an ideal level of humidity accompanied by a passive air renewal. If you notice that the surface is accumulating too much humidity, open the bag entry wider. These mushrooms like oxygen but, as explained, with the right level humidity.
Edabea's 100% mycelium mushroom kits are guaranteed, but you have to meet some requirements for this to be the case: you have to put the kit to fruition as soon as it is received and follow these detailed instructions. If there is a problem, contact us before touching the bread again. Send photos of the process and the current state of the bread to:

We are going to put a gallery of images of the clients' crops, for that we need you to send us the images of your crops if you want us to publish them in the gallery. The images must be sent in an attached email (we do not download anything from external platforms) to this address:
The name of the image should include the strain and the initials of the grower.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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