Steel pipes

At Edabea we have a wide variety of pipes of all materials and designs. Our metal pipes stand out for being very stable and portable. They are also a favourite for those who like cooled air.  


Metal pipes stand out for not being too expensive, for being durable over time, as breaking a metal pipe is almost impossible. In addition, because of the metal itself, they stand out for having the ability to cool the smoke giving a pleasant feeling in the throat for those who like it.  


At Edabea we have different styles, shapes and designs of metal pipes, from mushroom pipes, revolver or dice... adapting to any taste or need of our customers.  



Advantages of metal pipes 


- Metal pipes do not break and are easier to transport.  

- They are easy to disassemble. Advantage for frugal smokers who scrape the resin from their pipes to reuse them.  

- They help you spend less, as they are less expensive in themselves and allow you to scrape the resin from their containers for more effect.  

- They are easy to clean.  


Our metal pipes are easy to clean and maintain, have unique and original designs, are durable and very economical. If you want an almost unbreakable pipe and a good price, these are for you! 

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