Pipes Accessories

At Edabea we have different pipe accessories. If you are a consumer of herbs and have any type of pipe, regardless of the material or shape, it is essential that you have some of these pipe accessories. 


1- Pipe filters:  

o They help to slow down the puff, which in turn helps to keep the smoke fresher and allows you to experience more of the tobacco or herb flavour. 


o Smoking with a filter is considered healthier as, like cigarettes, it acts as a barrier and can help contain excess nicotine and tar from tobacco, thus helping to reduce the risks associated with smoking. 


o They prevent traces of tobacco or ash being drawn through the pipe into the mouth, which would be a very unpleasant and unhealthy sensation.  

o Smoking with filters also helps to reduce the unpleasant sensation that can be generated in the mouth as a result of excessive oils and harsh smoke.  


2- Pipe cleaning brush: 

o If you use a brush to clean your pipes, this will allow them to last longer and stay in optimal condition for longer. 


o If you don't clean your pipe it may start to clog with resin and ash residue which will change the taste of your herb and tobacco, causing you to not enjoy the true quality you are paying for. 


o In a clean pipe you will enjoy the true flavour of each puff.  


o Depending on the shape of the pipe, in many occasions water and soap alone are not enough, so the brush will allow you to reach corners where residues or ashes that water does not remove are stuck.  


3- Concave filters: 

o They help you to better measure the dose and get a better return on the investment made in herbs or tobacco.  


o They help to make the smoking experience  more pleasant and pleasurable  


o They help you to avoid wasting herb that would otherwise end up in water or in your mouth. 


o They are resistant and reusable 


4- Conical filters: 

o They have the same benefits as all the filters, such as preventing the herb from being wasted and ending up in the mouth or in water.  


o They are more adaptable to small dimensions 


o They help to make the cove more pleasant and enjoyable. 


o They are resistant and reusable. 

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