Marihuana feminized

At EDABEA we have feminized seeds that have the quality of being all females, so you will be sure to have good buds when you collect the harvest, and you can smoke well comfortable.

These types of seeds have the peculiarity that they need a photoperiod of light and another of darkness, so they are usually used indoors, as it will be much easier to control all the parameters to which you will have to be alert, although there is also a large part that you can grow outdoors.

If you want to buy the best quality feminized marijuana seeds bet on one of our many brands such as Dinafem, Serious Seeds or Barney's Farm among many others. Only at EDABEA the best Online Grow Shop.

The entire Edabea catalogue of feminized Marijuana seeds with 10% permanent discount. The most sought out varieties, of the most prestigious seed banks.
There are many varieties of cannabis; however, people generally divide them in two groups, one known as regular seeds and the other, called feminized seeds.
In our grow shop we make sure to offer the best quality feminized marihuana seeds. A kind of plant that guarantees good buds which, can be smoked afterwards.
If you are new in the marihuana growth universe, we’d like to tell you a bit more about the seeds you will find in our grow shop. This way, you can start a growth in a simple way and with excellent results.
What are marihuana feminized seeds?
The first thing that comes to mind is that it is a different kind of marihuana, when in fact; it is more about the gender of the plant. Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that only result in plants considered females, meaning the only with a bud that can be smoked.
It is known that cannabis plants have a natural biological tendency of turning into male or female. Usually people buy regular seeds in which we find males and females; nevertheless, after some time it is necessary to eliminate the male plants in order to have a good growth.
What we have to offer you, from our feminized seed bank:
We have to offer guaranteed female seeds, so you do not have to spend time or resources in eliminating male plants. So, we make sure that you have plants, which will give the result you need.
Our seeds are absolutely guaranteed; all of them obey the reproduction quality standard, besides growing and flourishing in a natural and healthy way.
These are considered the best option, in particular, for people who don’t have much time or the necessary experience. Therefore, we assure that each plant that develops will flourish; this is the point and the sureness of this kind of seeds.
To ensure that your seeds foster and flourish successfully we have some recommendations that you should not ignore.
What to keep in mind when you buy or cultivate marihuana seeds
Humidity: we remind you that this plant comes from climates where the humidity is quite high, about 60‰, so it is important that the soil is always humid but not soaked, because that would kill the plant
Avoid dehydration: this means that you should not let the plant go thirsty, by doing this you could also put the plant’s life at risk.
Avoid too much sun and heat exposure: even though plants need sunlight to grow quickly and healthily, you should not exaggerate because elevated temperature could cause serious harm.
Light: During its growing stage, we recommend that you use the blue light only, to avoid damage to the leaves.

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