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We are updating the rates and carriers, most cheaper of those published below, to know the exact amount of shipping costs, log in, add the shipping address in your account, the products you want to buy the car and give you the exact price of the shipment.
We will update all the information of the carriers in the coming days.

Delivery and return:
We do the sendings with two companies of transport; Posts and Nacex:
 1- ) The requests sent by means of Postal Package 48/72 of Posts:
they Are delivered in a time limit of 72 hours from the expedition of the same. The requests received until the 8:00 hours of the morning go out this same day, the requests received after this hour go out the next day.  
Once we have sent your request will command you by email a link so that you can know at all times where finds  your request.
 Run you this forced to do two attempts of delivery to domicile, if the postman goes to your domicile for the second time  and no these left you a warning of receipt in the mailbox so that you go through the office of posts nearer to your domicile to collect it. Only the addressee of the sending can collect the same, so that it collect it somebody distinct has to present a permission signed.
Orders over 150 euros, free shipping for Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, except COD surcharge.
 The expenses of sent by means of Postal Package of Posts are:






Hasta 250 grs.

4.99 euros


Hasta 500 grs.

5.49 euros


Hasta1 Kg.

5.99 euros


Hasta2 Kg.

6.49 euros


Hasta3 Kg.

6.99 euros

No se envía

Hasta4 Kg.

7.49 euros

No se envía

Hasta5 Kg.

7.99 euros

No se envía

Hasta10 kg.

9.90 euros

No se envía

Hasta15 kg.

12.90 euros

No se envía

Hasta20 Kg.

16.90 euros

No se envía

Hasta25 Kg.

21.90 euros

No se envía

Hasta30 Kg.

26.90 euros

No se envía


2.-) The requests sent by means of Nacex 19:00 hours:
they Are delivered before the 19:00 hours of the following day to the of his expedition in populations with agency Nacex and his field of Km. 0 (15 km. Ida and15 km. Turn) Rest of populations before the 13 hours of the following day. You can look here where there are offices Nacex.
The requests received until the 11:00 hours of the morning go out this same day, the requests received after this hour go out the next day.
This way of alone sending is cost for the peninsula (included Portugal).
The expenses of sending by means of Nacex 19:00 hours are:





Hasta1 Kg.

7.95 euros

Hasta2 Kg.

8.95 euros

Hasta5 Kg.

10.95 euros

Hasta10 Kg.

11.95 euros

Hasta15 Kg.

12.95 euros

Hasta20 Kg.

13.95 euros


The sendings against repayment have a recargo of 2 euros in the price of the sending (until 66 euros of purchase) or 3% of the total price, that is what earn us the companies of transport for sending us the amount of the requests against repayment, only accept this way of payment for the Spanish state and Portugal, excepting Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
The upper requests to 150 euros, sending free, except the recargo of the against repayment.
The terms of expedition indicated are orientative, a delay in the delivery with regard to the terms indicated will not give right to the customer to demand compensation any.
Sendings to Europe:
We do the sendings to Europe by means of letter certified, until a maximum of 15 kilograms. The terms of delivery for these sendings are of 5 to 7 skillful days.
Expenses of sending by means of letter certified to Europe:





Hasta 0.1 kg.

5.90 euros

Hasta0.5 Kg.

9.90 euros

Hasta 1 Kg.

15.90 euros

Hasta 2 Kg.

23.90 euros


Shipping to America:
We make shipments to America by international registered mail up to 10 kg. Delivery times for these shipments are between 7-10 business days.
The delivery time is a maximum of thirty days from the time of payment, but sometimes overseas mail is delayed, you will usually take between 7 and 10 days from the issuance of the order.
Edabea not responsible for packages lost by the local mail service in your country. We ship orders with Correos Spain ( and then will be a local company in your country that is responsible to deliver your order.

Shipping by registered letter to America:




Up to 0,1 Kg

6,90 Euros

Up to 0.5 Kg

13,90 Euros

Up to 1 Kg

24,90 Euros

Up to 2 Kg

39,95 Euros

Do you ship to my country?
We ship products throughout America, however we can not guarantee delivery. We do not know the status of our products in your country. If Customs check the package, they may retain the content. No refunds if you do not receive your order, the risk in order (possible illegal products) is yours.
We ship all orders in discreet packaging without reference to us or their content.

Please do not email and ask for shipping prices, they vary by country and content of the order, depending on weight. Create an account at the store, add products to the shopping and tell you the shipping price.

We are located in Spain. Shipments to America usually take between 7 and 10 days, but sometimes this can take longer, up to four weeks, it all depends on the customs and as the mail service in your country work.
That's why, even though we would like, we can not make any statement about an exact time frame in which your order will arrive. Please be patient can not work miracles and we can not influence international postal services.

No, we do not have this option Shipping.

Edabea ensures that all products ordered through authentic. When purchasing products through this website, you assume all responsibility and exempts Edabea and any affiliate of any responsibility.
Edabea not guarantee that the products ordered by you are not seized. If this is the case Edabea not refund any money. If the ordered goods is illegal in your country because no reship regulations oblige confiscate it again. So always check the legal status of the products before buying, or accept the risk of confiscation.
The customer confirms to be familiar with import regulations and customs of the importing country. Edabea no liability in connection with import regulations and custom. Please check your local import laws before ordering and instruct Edabea if necessary. We can not assume responsibility for plants, seeds and other lost or confiscated by customs products. All products offered are of herbarium, collection, legitimate research, plant breeding and / or ornamental purposes only.
Edabea not encourage anyone to break the law in your country. Edabea not be held responsible for the actions of people who buy our products. We ship our products with condition that will not be used by others in conflict with the law applicable in your country. Unfortunately, regulation and implementation regarding our products often differ from country to country. For this reason we advise urgently investigate about the regulations to which they are subjected. It is your responsibility to check with their local laws.
When ordering in Edabea you tell us that know the law, both locally and internationally, as to the situation of the products you purchase and Edabea exempt from any liability.

Satisfaction or refund

If the customer is not satisfied with your product, the deadline to request a refund set forth in 7 calendar days from receipt of order. In this case the shipping and collection borne by the customer.

Before making such refund the customer must contact our sales department within the period indicated by where we will indicate how to proceed with the return. Any returns that have not been previously accepted will be taken.

To support the return of the product and its packaging must be in perfect condition and keep all accessories and documentation of origin. The items to be returned must be properly packaged for return. not return the amount or perform any forwarding of goods until it has verified the receipt and status of the product, packaging and accessories item being return or exchange.

The price return is originally contained in the order and proceed to refund the amount according to the method of payment by the customer.

Defective Product of origin

Once receives the defective product will send another. In this case the change will always be for the same item or reference. Only you will be billed for the first shipment, taking over of postage for the return and redelivery. If you wish to make an exchange for another item, the cost of return and new shipment will not be borne by